Join us each week as we celebrate the auditory glory that is video game music. From 8-bit to modern, we love it all.

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VGMpire AOTY 2018 – Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon

One of our favorite games of the year also happens to sport our favorite soundtrack of 2018! We sample a handful of tunes from this 8-bit homage while discussing the game’s themes, design and excellent use of new-game-plussery. Download Now SHOW NOT


 2018-12-29  n/a

VGMpire 145 – Fallout Focus

Oppressive ambiance abounds in this look at the early days of the Fallout series. Download Now 0:00:00 – “Maybe” (Fallout) 0:15:05 – Moribund World (Fallout) 0:18:11 – A Trader’s Life (Fallout) 0:22:11 – Second Ch


 2018-11-14  n/a

VGMpire 144 – Sega Synthesis Vol 5

Rock out to the monstrous melodies of Devilish and Alien 3 – two horror-themed Genesis titles that sport inhumanly good tunes! Download Now 00:00 – Clock Tower (Devilish) 09:41 – Graveyard (Devilish) 10:53 – Waterfalls (Devilish) 1


 2018-10-31  n/a

VGMpire 143 – Sega Synthesis Vol 4

Rarely seen or heard outside Japan, Gleylancer and Star Cruiser boast some of the best space-faring tunes the Mega Drive had to offer. From ’80s-style montages to heartfelt ballads to synthy noir, both titles are a treat to behold. Download now SHOW


 2018-10-24  n/a

VGMpire 142 – Sega Synthesis Vol 3

Battle Lovecraftian horrors and hurl lightning from your fingertips in this adventurous episode celebrating El Viento and Alisia Dragoon! Download Now SHOW NOTES 0:00:00 – Opening Theme (El Viento) 0:12:50 – Main Theme (El Viento) 0:14:16 R


 2018-10-17  n/a

VGMpire 141 – Sega Synthesis Vol 2

A pair of anime gunslingers scream across the screen in this extra loud, extra rockin’ episode! We’re examining the upbeat energy of the Battle Mania series, which includes Trouble Shooter and its only-in-Japan sequel. Download now SHOW NOTES


 2018-10-10  n/a

VGMpire 140 – Sega Synthesis Vol 1

We’re kicking off a whole month of episodes devoted to the joy of FM Synthesis done right. This first foray into semi-obscure tunes includes Elemental Master and Panorama Cotton, two shmups that feature humanoid heroes and unbelievably good soundtra


 2018-10-03  n/a

VGMpire 139 – Mystic Quest Memories

Though it’s frequently called the worst Final Fantasy game of all time, or at least one of the weakest, we’re here to say THAT AIN’T SO! Not only is the game itself perfectly decent, the soundtrack is every bit as incredible as the prope


 2018-04-04  n/a

VGMpire 138 – Sunsoft Tech

Rock out to three hard-hitting NES soundtracks powered by Naoki Kodaka and the talented team at Sunsoft. We’re diving into Gremlins 2, Fester’s Quest and Journey to Silius! Download Now SHOW NOTES 00:00 – Stage 1 (Gremlins 2) 08:42 ̵


 2018-02-28  n/a

VGMpire 137 – 2017 Year in Review

While familiar faces continued their usual streak of excellence, there were loads of newcomers that provided some of the year’s best VGM. This hefty episode looks at a bit of everything, from recurring brands like Zelda, Sonic, Xenoblade and Ys, to


 2017-12-20  n/a