Join us each week as we celebrate the auditory glory that is video game music. From 8-bit to modern, we love it all.

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VGMpire Episode 17 – Mighty Virt Force

An on-location interview with Jake Kaufman, composer of Mighty Flip Champs, Milky Way and Switch Force. Download here SHOW NOTES 00:00 – Yummy (Mighty Switch Force) 05:57 – Title Screen (Mighty Milky Way) 07:21 – Space World (Mighty Milky Way) 10:11 – Lav


 2012-03-14  n/a

VGMpire episode 16 – Wise Wizards

Hear this forgotten series grow with each installment, thanks to the incredible efforts of composer David Wise Download episode 16 here SHOW NOTES 0:00:00 – Title Screen (Wizards & Warriors) 0:05:56 – Forest (Wizards & Warriors) 0:07:23 – Big Tree


 2012-02-29  n/a

VGMpire episode 15 – Battle Sampler

A rapid fire grab bag of  battle music from JRPGs both new and old. Feel the intensity! Download episode 15 right meow  SHOW NOTES 0:00:00 – Fight! (Grandia II/Iwadare) 0:11:07 – Battle Theme 2 (Breath of Fire/Alph Lyla) 0:12:26 – Fight With Monsters (Sup


 2012-02-23  n/a

VGMpire episode 14 – Ode tonelico

Spirited songs from Atelier Iris, Ar tonelico and Disgaea, a trio of unapologetically old-school JRPGs. Download episode 14 here 0:00:00 – Town Where the Bells Chime (Atelier Iris) 0:07:37 – Tree Spirit in the Mist (Atelier Iris) 0:10:01 – Wind Over Time


 2012-02-15  n/a

VGMpire Episode 13 – Welcome to Jurassic Park

We’ve made audio attractions so astounding that they’ll capture the imagination of the entire planet. Download before Nedry locks us out with a stupid animated GIF SHOW NOTES: 00:00 – Gate Area (JP Super NES) 09:37 – Title Screen (


 2012-02-01  n/a

VGMpire Episode 12 – Ys-y listening

Face-crunching guitars meet soul-soothing melodies in our 90 minute tribute to the majesty of Ys Download episode 12 here SHOW NOTES 0:00:00 – Release of the Far West Ocean (Ys VI) 0:10:28 – Field Mountain Area (Ys Book I & II) 0:12:30 – Shrine Entran


 2012-01-25  n/a

VGMpire Episode 11 – Plethora of Puzzles

Be it infectiously bouncy or delightfully laid back, music can make or break a puzzle game. This week we look at a handful of examples from the genre, including Bust A Move, Hexic and Puzzle Quest. Download it right here  SONG LIST 0:00:00 – Main Th


 2012-01-19  n/a

VGMpire Episode 10 – Honoring Advance Wars

One of the greatest handheld series of all time also happens to sport some of the best VGM out there Download Episode 10 now  NOTES: 0:00:00 – Rachel’s Theme (Dual Strike) 0:08:33 – Jake’s Theme (Dual Strike) 0:10:15 – Sasha&


 2012-01-11  n/a

VGMpire episode 09 – 2011 year in review

We end 2011 with a look at some of the best game music of the year. Grab episode 09 here, and share other OSTs you liked in the comments SHOW NOTES 0:00:00 – Dogfight (Ace Combat AH) 0:08:18 – White Devil (Ace Combat AH) 0:12:23 – Rebirt


 2011-12-21  n/a

VGMpire episode 08 – Super Sonic Celebration

Celebrating 20 years of Sonic the Hedgehog with a look at the four original games that launched a cultural touchstone Download here SHOW NOTES 0:00:00 – Sonic Boom Intro (Sonic CD) 0:08:46 – Spring Yard Zone (Sonic 1) 0:10:12 – Labyrinth


 2011-12-14  n/a