Join us each week as we celebrate the auditory glory that is video game music. From 8-bit to modern, we love it all.

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VGMpire episode 07 – Mario Kart Memories

From Koopa Beach to Rainbow Road we examine the music behind the first big Mario spinoff Download it by clicking somewhere around here Show notes 0:00:00 – Battle Mode (Super Mario Kart) 0:09:54 – Koopa Beach (Super Mario Kart) 0:11:22 –


 2011-12-07  n/a

VGMpire episode 06 – Mega Drive Medley

Our first look at the 16-bit Sega console focuses on lesser-known titles like Mean Bean Machine, along with classics ToeJam & Earl and Revenge of Shinobi. Download episode 6 right meow Show notes: 00:00 – Vs Mode (Mean Bean Machine) 09:15 –


 2011-11-30  n/a

VGMpire episode 05 – A Salute to Samus

An hour-long tribute to the creepy, claustrophobic and downright awesome music of the Metroid series, which is 25 years old this year. Download episode five and instantly feel better about your day Show notes: 0:00:00 – Menu Select (Metroid Prime) 0


 2011-11-23  n/a

VGMpire episode 04 – The Genius of Jumping Flash

What begins as a celebration of PlayStation launch titles becomes a full-on gushfest for Jumping Flash and its late composer, Takeo Miratsu. Also covered are Tohshinden and Air Combat. Download episode 4 if you please Episode 4 notes: 00:00 – Duke (Battle


 2011-11-16  n/a

VGMpire episode 03 – GoldenEye 007 and Banjo Kazooie

This week we examine two well-known Nintendo 64 soundtracks from Rare. Episode 3 right here


 2011-11-09  n/a

VGMpire episode 02 – Super Adventure Island

Yuzo Koshiro puts the Super NES’ sound capabilities to good use, combining tropical tunes with early ’90s beats to make a unique, overlooked soundtrack. Episode 2 right here


 2011-11-02  n/a

VGMpire Episode 1

Welcome to our very first episode! Brett, Chris and Tyler kick things off with a tribute to Tim and Geoff Follin, two of gaming’s best 8 and 16-bit composers. Download episode 1 right meow


 2011-10-29  n/a