Vocal About It

A podcast by @sarahas_san & @sarah_diedro celebrating women of color in Europe and featuring real talks about their lives as two WOC living in Brussels.


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episode 10: #8 - Vocal about surviving white tears

After a short break, your favorite sisters of color are back to crush some fragile egos: Following popular demand, this episode is about white tears. We are going to touch on the power of crying to get away with racism, how white fragility can destroy fr...


 2019-04-01  36m

episode 9: #7 - Vocal about the stereotypes that kill us

Racist bias within the medical industry can literally kill women of color. Today we're vocal about the different stereotypes-based expectations, discriminations and behaviors that impact us, our sisters and brothers of color from a very young age on a sp...


 2019-02-11  32m

episode 8: #6 - Vocal about being a queer woman of color

In this episode, we welcome our very first guest, queer activist Seden Anlar, and talk about what it’s like to deal with racism and homophobia at the same time. We touch on the notion of how some people like to get a little taste of our everyday's realit...


 2019-01-21  39m

episode 7: #5 - Vocal about being a not-so-strong woman of color

In this episode we talk about the stigma of mental health issues: we’re standing up for vulnerability, we touch on the intersection of race and mental health, deconstruct the stereotype of the strong woman of color, we also open up about how certain peop...


 2019-01-07  38m

episode 6: #4 - Vocal about racism in sex, flirting and dating

Women of color and sex: how racism creeps into our beds? In the 4th episode of Vocal About It, we talk about how we unavoidably face fetishization at some point of our dating life, We also touch on why making research and decolonize your approach as a pa...


 2018-12-10  30m

episode 5: #3 - Vocal about travelling while black and brown

What it's like to travel and live abroad as a woman of color? Do we enjoy travelling alone? How do we feel about living alone for the first time? In this third episode we discuss our love for travelling, the impact of our skin color on how people abroad ...


 2018-11-26  37m

episode 4: #2 - Vocal about women and rage

Hysterical, unreasonable, crazy - women are consistently bashed when they’re vocal about their disagreements and anger. But why can’t women be angry? In this episode we deconstruct the myth of the angry woman, and how the stereotypes are even heavier and...


 2018-11-19  38m

episode 3: #1 - Vocal about representation and allyship

In the first episode we talk about the importance of positive representation and how confidence and representation are closely connected.Do you have friends/lovers of color? Pay attention to the section on allyship and the crucial role of active listenin...


 2018-11-12  28m

episode 2: #0-Trailer

A podcast by @sarahas_san & @sarah_diedrocelebrating women of color in Europe and featuring real talks about their lives as two WOC living in Brussels.


 2018-11-05  1m
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