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Dan Lenard and George Whittam bring you Voice Over Body Shop, a place to discuss home studios and answer your voice-over studio technical questions. See more about the show and submit your questions at http://vobs.tv. This is the audio-only version of the Podcast. The video cast can also be found at our website, and the live taping feed is on Facebook Live and at vobs.tv.


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VOBS Episode 31 April 4, 2016 With Voice Coach MJ Lallo

Animated and entertaining MJ Lallo joins us in the VOBS studios and shares poetry, singing, and tales from VO world. There are many golden nuggets ...


 2016-04-07  1h28m

VOBS Episode 30 March 28, 2016 With Debi Derryberry

Animation voice actress Debi Derryberry, voice of Jimmy Neutron, comes in and tells us about her newly minted book Voiceover 101.


 2016-04-07  1h27m

VOBS Episode 29 March 21, 2016 with Peter K. O’Connell

We bring on Peter K. O'Connell to share gobs of knowledge about how to market your voiceover business. He addresses questions on cold-calling, mailing thank ...


 2016-04-07  1h35m

VOBS Ep. 28 March 7, 2016: Jack FM’s Howard Cogan

We've got our favorite snarky character from Jack FM Howard Cogan OUR "dumpy little building" this week. He also brings along the Neat Microphones Beecaster ...


 2016-03-11  1h28m

VOBS Episode 27 February 29, 2016 with Hope Levy and Sam Lavagnino

Sam Lavagnino AKA Catbug on Nickelodeon and his mom Hope Levy, also a successful voice actor and musician, join us in the studio!


 2016-03-08  1h24m

VOBS Episode 25 February 15, 2016 Voiceover Marketing Expert Tom Dheere

Now on Instagram @voiceoverbodyshop , we welcome Tom Dheere to the show to share his knowledge on marketing your voiceover business.


 2016-03-08  1h27m

VOBS Episode 26 February 22, 2016 with Mara Junot and Jordan Reynolds

Now on Instagram @voiceoverbodyshop , we welcome Tom Dheere to the show to share his knowledge on marketing your voiceover business.


 2016-03-04  1h36m

VOBS Episode 24 February 8, 2016 GVAA CEO & Actor David Rosenthal

We welcome into the studio, all the way from San Francisco, David Rosenthal. He shares valuable tips on acting and what keeps many people from ...


 2016-02-21  1h41m

VOBS Episode 23 February 1, 2016 Edge Studio CEO David Goldberg

Chief Edge Officer David Goldberg shares the story of how Edge came to be and answers a TON of questions about the VO industry.


 2016-02-21  1h36m