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Designing for Virtual Reality


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#988: Defining “Biometric Psychography” to Fill Gaps in Privacy Law to Cover XR Data: Brittan Heller’s Human Rights Perspectives

Brittan Heller is a human rights lawyer who recently published a paper pointing out that there are some significant gaps in privacy laws that do


 2021-04-08  n/a

#987: The Neuroscience of Neuromotor Interfaces + Privacy Implications with Facebook Reality Labs’ Thomas Reardon

On March 18th, Facebook Reality Labs Research announced some of their research into next-generation neuromotor input devices for mixed reality applications. I paraphrased the most


 2021-03-31  n/a

#985: Facebook HCI Research on AR Neural Inputs, Haptics, Contextually-Aware-AI, & Intelligent Clicks

I participated in a Facebook press event on Tuesday, March 16th that featuring some Facebook Human-Computer Interaction Research on AR Neural Inputs, Haptics, Contextually-Aware-AI, &


 2021-03-18  n/a

#984: Live Theater + VR Experiments with Kiira Benzing’s “Loveseat”

Kiira Benzing‘s Loveseat was an ambitious fusion of live theater performance with VR technologies that premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2019. They performed


 2021-03-16  n/a

#983: Sneak Peak of SXSW Online XR Program with Curator Blake Kammerdiener

SXSW Online is happening March 16-20, and I had a chance to get a sneak peak of the SXSW Online XR world in VRChat and


 2021-03-14  n/a

#982: The Polys WebXR Awards Highlighting the Best WebXR Experiences of 2020

The Polys WebXR Awards was an awards show on February 20th, 2021 founded by Ben Irwin in collaboration with Sophia Moshasha and Julie Smithson. Irwin


 2021-03-10  n/a

#981: Worldbuilding with the Guild of Future Architects’ Futurist Writer’s Room: “Traveling the Intersitium with Octavia Butler”

One of my favorite pieces at Sundance New Frontier 2021 this year was a series of four open web experiences created as a part of


 2021-02-23  n/a

#980: Designing Community Worldbuilding Conversations with “Beyond the Breakdown”

Worldbuilding and speculative design was a big theme at Sundance New Frontier 2021, and I had a chance to participate in an experience that facilitated


 2021-02-19  n/a

#979: “Nightsss:” From Erotic Poem to Immersive Poetry to Neuroscience Research

Nightss is an sensual experience that’s structured around an erotic Polish-language poem by Weronika Lewandowska that uses dance and spatial metaphors in VR to create


 2021-02-19  n/a

#978: Democratizing Volumetric Capture with Scatter’s Depthkit: The History, Evolution, & Future of Accessible Volumetric Filmmaking

Depthkit’s volumetric capture solution is democratizing access to the tools of volumetric filmmaking. I had a chance to do a deep dive with two of


 2021-02-19  n/a