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Designing for Virtual Reality


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#944: Guy Godin on Getting Cloned by Facebook & Virtual Desktop’s Forbidden Wireless Streaming Features

On June 11, 2019, Guy Godin announced on Reddit and on Twitter that “Oculus doesn’t want the SteamVR streaming feature in their store” and that


 2020-09-22  n/a

#943: Oculus Quest 2 Impressions with Road to VR’s Ben Lang + Unanswered Privacy Concerns

The Oculus Quest 2 was announced at Facebook Connect today, and I was able to get early access to it last week to try it


 2020-09-16  n/a

#942: The Facebook vs Apple XR Battle – The Information’s Alex Heath on Facebook’s XR Hardware Bets

Alex Heath reports on Facebook and their competitors for the subscription-only site The Information, and he’s been able to get some exclusive interviews and do


 2020-09-16  n/a

#941: Critics Roundtable on Venice VR Expanded 2020 with Pola Weiß & Kathryn Yu

I’m joined by Pola Weiß (Founder, VR Stories / VR Geschichten) & Kathryn Yu (Executive Editor, No Proscenium) to talk about nearly all of the


 2020-09-12  n/a

The Burning Man Multiverse: The Story of Black Rock City VR in AltSpaceVR

In 2014, Greg Edwards took photos of all of the work on the Burning Man Playa, and then set out to create a 1:1 scale


 2020-09-04  n/a

#939: Valve News Network on Valve, Their Relationship with Oculus, & Half-Life: Alyx Investigations

Valve is such a critical player in the history of the modern resurgence of virtual reality in their cooperation and friendly competitions they had with


 2020-08-29  n/a

#938: F Reality Podcast Roundtable Discussion on Facebook & Privacy

I was invited to join the F Reality Podcast over the weekend with VR Oasis’s Mike, Nathie, Rowdy Guy, and Zimtok5 to be able to


 2020-08-24  n/a

#Facebook’s Desire to Own the Metaverse Conflicts with Cultivating a Developer Ecosystem: BigScreenVR’s Grievances

BigScreenVR is in direct competition with some of the same services that Facebook wants to fully control, and their CEO Darshan Shankar has had to


 2020-08-22  n/a

#936: Indie Dev Anton Hand on Resisting the Facebook Panopticon

Anton Hand is an indie VR developer with RUST LTD, who is the project lead for Hotdogs, Horseshoes, & Hand Grenades. Hand made the decision


 2020-08-21  n/a

#935: Oculus Quest Enthusiasm vs the Skepticism of Bootstrapping VR with Surveillance Capitalism

The Oculus Quest launched on May 21, 2019. Nine days later I was at Augmented World Expo doing interviews and preparing a main stage talk


 2020-08-19  n/a