Voices of VR Podcast – Designing for Virtual Reality

Designing for Virtual Reality


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#543: Visualizing An Invisible Cyber War with Zero Days VR

There’s an invisible cyber war that’s happening between major nation states, and Zero Days VR takes you inside of it in a completely new way


 2017-06-08  31m

#542: Bringing Otherworldliness, Fun, & Whimsey into Your Home with AR game “Woorld”

Funomena’s Woorld won the best AR experience at the recent Google Play awards. You scan your room with a Google Tango-enabled phone, and then you’re


 2017-06-05  33m

#541: Bearing Witness to Sexual Assault Stories & Healing from Trauma with “Testimony”

Testimony is one of the most profound and powerful applications of virtual reality that I’ve seen so far. It’s an experimental documentary that captures the


 2017-06-01  40m

#540: Investing in Exponential Technologies in VR, AI & Drones with A16z’s Kyle Russell

Kyle Russell is on the deal & research team for Andreessen Horowitz (aka A16z) where he’s focusing on investing in technologies ranging from virtual &


 2017-05-31  55m

#539: Google Expeditions is Leading Innovation in the Future of Immersive Education

Google’s mission to organize all of the world’s information, and so it’s a natural fit for Google to be one of the leading innovators for


 2017-05-26  45m

#538: How Mozilla is Driving WebVR Content & Tooling with the A-Frame Framework

Mozilla’s mission statement is to ensure that the Internet remains a global public resource, open and accessible to all, and they’ve been helping bring VR


 2017-05-24  42m

#537: The Future of VR for Google is on the Open Web with WebVR & WebAR

Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information, and so they’ve been long-time advocates for the open web. At Google I/O last week, they announced


 2017-05-23  1h7m

#536: “Walkaway” Author Cory Doctorow on Gift Economies & Privacy

Cory Doctorow’s new sci-fi book “Walkaway” is a optimistic disaster novel that imagines what society might look like if people walked away from competitive market-driven


 2017-05-17  45m

#535: An In-Depth Look at the Microsoft HoloLens & Their Mixed Reality Ecosystem

The HoloLens is the most impressive augmented reality HMD on the market today, and their developer kit is already being deployed into production in industries


 2017-05-11  1h5m

#534: Microsoft Technical Evangelist on Presence in VR Game Design

The Microsoft Build conference starts this week, and I expect that we’ll be learning more about the HoloLens as well as Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality


 2017-05-09  35m