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Designing for Virtual Reality


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#531: Tony Parisi is Leading Unity’s VR & AR Strategy beyond Gaming

The keynote from Unity’s Vision VR/AR Summit yesterday showcased just how far Unity is reaching into non-gaming content when it comes to augmented and virtual


 2017-05-02  35m

#530: Upload LA Opening Represents a Focus Shift From VR Tech to VR Content

UploadVR opened up their new 20,000 square foot Upload LA co-working space on April 13, 2017. I had a chance to catch up with co-founders


 2017-04-28  28m

#529: VR Storytelling Highlights from Tribeca Film Festival

The Tribeca Film Festival featured over 30 different VR experiences within their Storyscapes and Immersive Virtual Arcade, and I had a chance to catch up


 2017-04-26  37m

#528: Geospatial AR Permissions with the Mixed Reality Service Spec

Mark Pesce is a VR pioneer who has been thinking about networked virtual and augmented reality for over 20 years now. He developed the Ono-Sendai


 2017-04-20  1h5m

#527: Turning Your Torso Into an Ear: Sensory Substitution & Addition with Neosensory

Back in 2015, Neuroscientist David Eagleman gave a TED talk about the potential to expand and create new senses. He showed off a haptic vest


 2017-04-17  33m

#526: YouTube VR Wants to Find the Next Billion Dollar Genre That Hasn’t Been Created Yet

At Sundance this year, I had a chance to catch up with a couple of representatives from Google to talk about what’s happening on the


 2017-04-13  28m

#525: Flying in VR: How Mindride’s Airflow Takes Immersion to the Next Level

One of the most immersive flying experiences that I’ve had a chance to have so far was Mindride Airflow. I had a chance to try


 2017-04-13  30m

#524: VR Unicorns’ #Archery takes the bow and arrow mechanic to its logical extreme

Shooting a bow and arrow in VR is a satisfying game mechanic. It uses both hands in a 6-DoF interaction that can only happen in


 2017-04-10  24m

#523: ​Viveport’s President on HTC’s New VR Subscription Service

April 4th was the one-year anniversary of the HTC Vive, and HTC released the subscription service for Viveport for $6.99 to try out five new


 2017-04-06  28m

#522: Sundance’s Shari Frilot on the Power of VR Storytelling to See Ourselves in a New Way

Shari Frilot started the New Frontier at Sundance in 2007, and programmed the festival’s first VR experience in 2012 with Nonny de la Peña’s Hunger


 2017-04-03  55m