Voices of VR Podcast – Designing for Virtual Reality

Designing for Virtual Reality


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#539: Google Expeditions is Leading Innovation in the Future of Immersive Education

Google’s mission to organize all of the world’s information, and so it’s a natural fit for Google to be one of the leading innovators for


 2017-05-26  45m

#538: How Mozilla is Driving WebVR Content & Tooling with the A-Frame Framework

Mozilla’s mission statement is to ensure that the Internet remains a global public resource, open and accessible to all, and they’ve been helping bring VR


 2017-05-24  42m

#537: The Future of VR for Google is on the Open Web with WebVR & WebAR

Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information, and so they’ve been long-time advocates for the open web. At Google I/O last week, they announced


 2017-05-23  1h7m

#536: “Walkaway” Author Cory Doctorow on Gift Economies & Privacy

Cory Doctorow’s new sci-fi book “Walkaway” is a optimistic disaster novel that imagines what society might look like if people walked away from competitive market-driven


 2017-05-17  45m

#535: An In-Depth Look at the Microsoft HoloLens & Their Mixed Reality Ecosystem

The HoloLens is the most impressive augmented reality HMD on the market today, and their developer kit is already being deployed into production in industries


 2017-05-11  1h5m

#534: Microsoft Technical Evangelist on Presence in VR Game Design

The Microsoft Build conference starts this week, and I expect that we’ll be learning more about the HoloLens as well as Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality


 2017-05-09  35m

#533: High Fidelity is Architecting for VR Privacy with Self-Sovereign Identity

Philip Rosedale has been thinking deeply about how to architect large-scale, distributed virtual worlds after experiencing many bottlenecks in running Second Life. High Fidelity is


 2017-05-06  42m

#532: The Extremes of Mental Presence: Cognitive Enhancement, Biohacking, Psychedelics, & Transhumanism

Eric Matzner identifies as a Techno-Optimistic Futurist who sometimes works an entire second workday within VR exploring different ways to expand his mind. He’s pushing


 2017-05-04  43m

#531: Tony Parisi is Leading Unity’s VR & AR Strategy beyond Gaming

The keynote from Unity’s Vision VR/AR Summit yesterday showcased just how far Unity is reaching into non-gaming content when it comes to augmented and virtual


 2017-05-02  35m

#530: Upload LA Opening Represents a Focus Shift From VR Tech to VR Content

UploadVR opened up their new 20,000 square foot Upload LA co-working space on April 13, 2017. I had a chance to catch up with co-founders


 2017-04-28  28m