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Designing for Virtual Reality


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#523: ​Viveport’s President on HTC’s New VR Subscription Service

April 4th was the one-year anniversary of the HTC Vive, and HTC released the subscription service for Viveport for $6.99 to try out five new


 2017-04-06  28m

#522: Sundance’s Shari Frilot on the Power of VR Storytelling to See Ourselves in a New Way

Shari Frilot started the New Frontier at Sundance in 2007, and programmed the festival’s first VR experience in 2012 with Nonny de la Peña’s Hunger


 2017-04-03  55m

#521: SVVR Keynote: Historical Context of VR + Elemental Theory of Presence

I had the chance to give the keynote at the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference where I provide some historical context for virtual reality tracing


 2017-03-31  20m

#520: Oculus’ VR Privacy Policy Serves the Needs of Facebook, Not Users

I had a chance to catch up with Oculus’ Nate Mitchell at GDC where I asked him about privacy in VR. Oculus has delegated the


 2017-03-28  50m

#519: How ‘Rock Band VR’ Accidentally Became a Music Creativity Tool

The developers at Harmonix didn’t set out to create an open-ended music creativity tool with Rock Band VR, but once they realized how compelling it


 2017-03-24  35m

#518: Advanced Brain Monitoring EEG Metrics & Experimental VR Treatments for Neurodegenerative Diseases

Advanced Brain Monitoring is a 17-year old neurotechnology company that has been able to extract a lot of really useful information from EEG data. They’ve


 2017-03-22  31m

#517: Biometric Data Streams & the Unknown Ethical Threshold of Predicting & Controlling Behavior

I recently attended the Experiential Technology Conference where there were a lot of companies looking at how to use biometric data to get insights into


 2017-03-20  44m

#516: Privacy in VR is Complicated & It’ll Take the Entire VR Community to Figure it Out

When I was at the GDC VR Mixer, Jim Preston struck up a conversation about his concerns about privacy in VR. He works at the


 2017-03-17  46m

#515: Embodied Cognition Experiments with EleVR’s Math Museums & Hyperbolic Space

I believe that the principle of Embodied Cognition is probably one of the most significant and important concepts to understand about virtual reality. Cognitive science


 2017-03-14  45m

#514: Tobii Recommends Explicit Consent for Recording Eye Tracking Data

The eye tracking company Tobii had some VR demos that they were showing on the GDC Expo Hall floor as well as within Valve’s booth.


 2017-03-11  21m