Voices of VR Podcast – Designing for Virtual Reality

Designing for Virtual Reality


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#509: Valve’s Joe Ludwig on Khronos Group’s OpenXR VR Standard

Valve’s Joe Ludwig talks about the latest updates on the Khronos Group’s VR standardization process that is now being called “OpenXR.” Ludwig says that OpenXR


 2017-02-27  32m

#508: Using VR as a Tool to Cultivate Compassion with Condition One

Danfung Dennis has an ambitious vision for the potential of virtual reality, and it’s one of the most radical ones that I’ve come across. He


 2017-02-25  56m

‘Tilt Brush’ Launches on Oculus + Unanswered Questions about VR Privacy & Google

Tilt Brush launched on the Oculus Rift today, and I had a chance to catch up with Tilt Brush product manager Elisabeth Morant, launching. We


 2017-02-21  32m

#506: Has China Gone All-In with VR? HTC’s Graylin on what’s happening in China & VR

Alvin Wang Graylin is the China President of Vive at HTC, and I had a chance to talk with him at CES this year about


 2017-02-20  55m

#505: Beaming the Matrix into your Eyes: Otoy CEO on Future of Real-Time Lightfield Rendering

At Unity’s Unite keynote in November, Otoy’s Jules Urbach announced that their Octane Renderer was going to be built into Unity to bake light field


 2017-02-17  56m

#504: ‘Life of Us:’ An Embodied & Social Story of Human Evolution

Within premiered their first real-time rendered, interactive experience at Sundance New Frontier this year with Life of Us, which is the story of life on


 2017-02-14  42m

#503: Conversational Gameplay & Interactive Narrative in Human Interact’s ‘Starship Commander’

Human Interact announced this past week that they are collaborating with Microsoft’s Cognitive Services in order to power the conversational interface behind their Choose-Your-Own-Adventure, interactive


 2017-02-10  47m

#502: An Elemental Theory of Presence + Future of AI & Interactive Storytelling

Jessica Brillhart is the principle filmmaker for virtual reality at Google, and she been exploring the cross section of artificial intelligence and storytelling in VR.


 2017-02-08  44m

#501: Emotional Branching VR Stories: Combining Empathy & Interactivity for Compassion Acts

Last year, Baobab Studios’ Eric Darnell was skeptical about adding interactivity to virtual reality stories because he felt like there was a tradeoff between empathy


 2017-02-03  46m

#500: Mindshow VR’s Collaborative Storytelling Platform

There are a number of immersive storytelling innovations Sundance 2017 in a number of experiences including Dear Angelica, Zero Day VR, Miyubi, and Life of


 2017-02-01  41m