War on the Rocks

Discussions over drinks with security, defense, and foreign policy insiders and experts. The original War on the Rocks podcast series.


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A Chat with Britain's Top Officer, Adm. Radakin

Ryan sat down at the War on the Rocks office with Adm. Sir Antony Radakin, the professional head of the United Kingdom's military. The two discussed the United Kingdom's support for the Ukrainian military, the lessons learned from the conflict and the...



Ukrainian Progress: A Breach or a Breakthrough of Russian Lines?

Nick Danforth sat down with Mike Kofman to discuss the state of the Ukrainain offensive three months in, as well as the challenges of assessing it. Mike also explained why he, as an analyst, was particularly pleased to have Yevgeny Prigozhin out of...



Debating FISA Section 702

On this episode of the War on the Rocks podcast, deputy assistant to U.S. President Joe Biden, Joshua Geltzer, sat down with Nicholas Danforth to discuss the administration’s case for the reauthorization of section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence...



How Ukraine Can Win the Peace: A Conversation with Stephen Kotkin

On this special preview of the Russia Contingency, Mike sat down with Stephen Kotkin, a senior fellow at Stanford’s Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies (FSI) and the Kleinheinz Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution. The conversation...



A Contest of Wills: Ukraine's Summer Offensive

On this episode, Nick sits down with Mike to discuss Ukraine's ongoing offensive. The conversation discussed the latest from Ukraine's three axes of advance. The two also covered the latest reports from both the and the focused on the U.S....


 2023-08-22  35m

Zooming Out on Ukraine's Offensive

Ryan and Mike finally found themselves in the same locale after heavy travel and sat down for a in-depth conversation on Ukraine's offensive, how we got here, and what might be coming next.


 2023-08-03  29m

An Inflection Point in Ukraine’s Counteroffensive

Aaron sat down with Mike to discuss the Ukrainian counteroffensive and where things stand along the three axes of advance. The two discussed the state of the Ukrainian armed forces, the units committed to the fight, Russia's well-prepared defense and...


 2023-07-27  35m

Ryan Evans on 10 Years of War on the Rocks

To mark the tenth anniversary of War on the Rocks, Philip D. Zelikow did us the honor of interviewing Ryan on the origin story of War on the Rocks, where it's gone from there, and where it is going next. 


 2023-07-21  30m

Ukraine Struggles to Scale Offensive Combat Operations

On this special sneak peak of the Russia Contingency, Mike sat down with Rob Lee, a senior fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, to discuss the findings from their recent research trip to Ukraine. The conversation covered Russian defensive...


 2023-07-20  30m

Assessing Ukraine's Three Axes of Advance

On this sneak-peak episode of the Russia Contingency, Aaron sat down with Mike Kofman to discuss the state of the Ukrainian military's offensive, the different axes of advance and what the offensive may be able to tell observers about the direction of...


 2023-07-11  23m