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Comics Catch-Up 31: Bloodstrike: Brutalists

We're back to catch up, and we're taking on Michel Fiffe's three-issue continuation of Bloodstrike this month!



Episode 561 - FalChris and the Wilson Soldier #6: 1988 (Part 1)

We continue reading through the Mark Gruenwald run on Captain America this week, diving into the first seven issues of 1988. Steve Rogers gets a new costume, and the Serpent Society is invaded! Join in as we cover Captain America #337-343!



Episode 560 - Four New Tires

We're back! And we've got a checks AND recs mix for you to explain where we've been, and what we've been watching and playing!



Episode 559 - FalChris and the Wilson Soldier #5: 1987 (Part 2)

We're finishing out 1987 in Mark Gruenwald's Captain America run, and there's a new Cap and Bucky on the scene! The issues covered in this episode are #332-336.


 2021-08-09  1h45m

Episode 558 - Cape Becomes Sail f/ Mike Molcher

2000AD's PR Droid Mike Molcher stops by the show this week to talk about the publisher's truly massive Humble Bundle, as well as other British comics, a truly wild Dave Gibbons story, tea, coloring originally black and white comics, why the name...


 2021-08-02  1h38m

Every Story Ever Special: July 2021

Someone sent us some more Heathcliffs, so we ranked them this month. We ranked some other comics, too.


 2021-07-30  1h58m

Episode 557 - SpongeBob SquareMonster Man (Great Indoor Fight Special)

We're judging all the Great Indoor Fight bouts we can this week, pitting your entrants against one another in a battle for the ages!


 2021-07-26  1h35m

Episode 556 - FalChris and the Wilson Soldier #4: 1987 (Part 1)

Matt and Chris are back on the Mark Gruenwald Captain America run this week, reading the first seven issues from 1987. It's got everything! The bad (Nomad) the good (Super Patriot) and the D-Man (D-Man)!


 2021-07-19  1h36m

Comics Catch-Up 030: Gwenpool Strikes Back

For this month's catch-up, you recommended that we read the sequel to our beloved Unbelievable Gwenpool series. Was it a worthy follow-up? Listen and find out!


 2021-07-16  49m

Episode 555 - Bulletproof or BS-proof (Listener Questions Special)

Chris and Matt took a bunch of your listener questions for this week's show, and they run the gamut.


 2021-07-12  1h23m