Welcome to the world's first radio station devoted to military aviation.  It is our goal to preserve the stories and history of the brave men and women who flew these airplanes and still do.  Across the globe warbird enthusiasts are tirelessly working to save examples of these historic airplanes; however, the survival of the stories from those who flew them are not guaranteed. That is where Warbird Radio steps in. From the dawn of military aviation to our modern warriors, Warbird Radio will keep you briefed on the latest happenings. We will be following restoration projects worldwide and the latest in cutting-edge military aviation technology. We are also excited to bring you the latest from the scale modeling world!  Let's face it, no matter the size, a warbird is a warbird.  The stories these airplanes tell are like no other and we can not wait to bring them to you. Just click the Listen Live link on the right side of the page.  Thanks for listening.


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SHOW CENTER The Airshow Podcast – The Results! – Ep 32

WARBIRD RADIO – The results are in from the Socially Distant Airshow, plus big news from the Snowbirds and Sun N Fun.  Take a listen. QUICK LINK – SHOW Center The Airshow Podcast Facebook Page


 2020-04-29  31m

Show Center The Airshow Podcast – The Before the Big SHOW!!! – Ep 31

WARBIRD RADIO – It’s the show before the BIG SHOW: The Socially D I S T A N T Airshow!  Steph Stricklen joins us with some big news about her involvement with the Socially D I S T A N T Airshow and a new website she’s launched for kids interested in av...


 2020-04-29  31m

The Texas Warbird Report – Taylor Stevenson and the CAF P-40

 WARBIRD RADIO – Texas warbird guy Taylor Stevenson is back on Warbird Radio. Listen in as Zane Adams talks with Taylor about flying the Commemorative Air Force P-40 and P-63.  Taylor is one of the young guns in the warbird world,


 2020-04-27  n/a

Air Raid Radio – The Racing Rosies! – Episode 13

WARBIRD RADIO – Amy and Kara interview Emily Applegate and Zia Safko about their experiences in aviation including their time racing the Air Race Classic on their team The Racing Rosies. Zia has been flying for 12 years and is now a First Officer at Un...


 2020-04-27  57m

Air Raid Radio – Author Chris Henry’s “The Final Mission”– Ep 12

WARBIRD RADIO – Amy and Kara welcome guests Chris Henry and Hal Bryan from the EAA to discuss their new book “The Final Mission”. The book is a collection of stories of the veterans who have flown on their B-17 “Aluminum Overcast”.


 2020-04-09  57m

SHOW CENTER The Airshow Podcast – Larry Arken and Eric Farewell – Ep 30

SHOWCENTER The Airshow Podcast – The guys welcome GEICO Skyper #1 Larry Arken and the Paradigm Aerobatic Team’s own Eric Farewell.  Both teams will be featured during SHOWCENTER’s upcoming SOCIALLY D I S T A N T Airshow April 21-22-23 2020.


 2020-04-08  35m

SHOW CENTER The Airshow Podcast – The Socially Distant Airshow – Ep 29

SHOW CENTER THE Airshow Podcast – SHOW CENTER ANNOUNCES ‘THE SOCIALLY D I S T A N T AIRSHOW’ A fundraiser featuring military and civilian airshow performers world wide April 21-22-23!   One hundred percent of the proceeds will go to the ICAS Foundation...


 2020-04-08  25m

SHOW CENTER The Airshow Podcast – Virtual Entertainment Tips – Ep 28

SHOW CENTER The Airshow Podcast – The guys welcome digital media expert Steph Stricklen to the conversation.  Show organizers and performers alike, grab your notebook and discover some tips to shine during this virtual entertainment bonanza.


 2020-04-08  30m

SHOW CENTER The Airshow Podcast – AIRSHOW 2020 – Ep 27

SHOWCENTER The Airshow Podcast – International Council of Air Shows President John Cudahy joins the guys with a look at the state of the industry. QUICK LINK:  ICAS


 2020-04-08  38m

SHOW CENTER The Airshow Podcast – Mike Wiskus – Ep 26

SHOW CENTER – Airshow superstar Mike Wiskus joins Ric, Rob and Matt on this episode of SHOW CENTER The Airshow Podcast. QUICK LINK: Mike Wiskus


 2020-04-08  33m