WARTIME: A History Series

Discussing a wide range of topics, WARTIME seeks to fill the void between objective academic discussion and casual, carefree history. Drawing on the latest scholarship and welcoming highly original interpretations, WARTIME pushes the boundaries of traditional history by bringing it directly into the public forum for all to share. WARTIME is published weekly.




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      episode 60: Battlefield Pennsylvania: The Wyoming Massacre of 1778

      In 1778 the true brutal nature of the American Revolution was revealed when Iroquois warriors and Loyalist rangers attacked the Patriot settlement of Wyoming. Known as the breadbasket of the Revolution, the settlers of Wyoming were betrayed by a local lo...



      episode 59: Battlefield Pennsylvania: Hunterstown: The Battle for Lee's Left Flank at Gettysburg

      On July 2nd, 1863 the battle for Lee's left flank was on. While the Army of the Potomac and Army of Northern Virginia tangled at Gettysburg, the two sides squared off four miles away at Hunterstown. Pitting Wade Hampton against George Armstrong Custer, H...



      episode 58: Battlefield Pennsylvania: The Brodhead Campaign of 1779

      In 1779 George Washington launched what would be his most successful campaign of the entire American Revolution: the destruction of Iroquoia. A three pronged attack ...


       2018-09-16  57m

      episode 57: BPA S03E08: The Key to the Continent: The Battle of Fort Duquesne

      In 1754 the armies of New France descended upon the North American frontier. After building a series of forts connecting the Great Lakes to the ...


       2018-07-24  47m

      episode 56: BPA S03E07: The Battle of McCord’s Fort: The War on the Homefront

      In 1756 the French Empire allied with the disaffected warriors of the Ohio Country. As the Seven Years' War began, these Mingo, Delaware, and Shawnee ...


       2018-07-16  54m

      episode 55: BPA S03E06: Wilderness Dogfight: The Battle of Bushy Run

      In early August 1763, British North America was under siege. Following their great victory during the Seven Years' War, the Crown was rocked when France's ...


       2018-07-09  57m

      episode 54: BPA S03E05: JEB Stuart’s Folly: The Siege of Carlisle

      On July 1st, 1863 Confederate General JEB Stuart launched a bold attack on the Pennsylvania city of Carlisle. Unbeknownst to "The Last Cavalier," as he ...


       2018-06-28  58m

      episode 53: BPA S03E04: Fort Ligonier

      In 1758, British General John Forbes began his march on the French Fort Duquesne. Along the way he built several forts and posts, but none ...


       2018-06-20  55m

      episode 52: S03E03: The Black Boys Rebellion: The Rebellion Before the Revolution

      In 1765 armed rebels surrounded a British fort in the backcountry of Pennsylvania. Led by James Smith, the men opened fire on Fort Loudoun a ...


       2018-06-09  59m

      episode 51: BPA S03E02: The Battle of Fort Necessity: Washington’s First Surrender

      On July 3rd, 1754 George Washington and his men made a stand in the backwoods of the Ohio Country. Surrounded by French soldiers, the young ...


       2018-06-01  59m