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Discussing a wide range of topics, WARTIME seeks to fill the void between objective academic discussion and casual, carefree history. Drawing on the latest scholarship and welcoming highly original interpretations, WARTIME pushes the boundaries of traditional history by bringing it directly into the public forum for all to share. WARTIME is published weekly.




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      episode 49: BPA S02E08: The Paxton Boys Revolt and the Massacre of the Conestogas

      In 1763 the peaceable kingdom of Pennsylvania was torn apart by violence. In response to the brutal raids of Indian wars from the west, Scots-Irish settlers on the frontier rose up in rebellion. After murdering the men, women, and children of a peaceful Conestoga village, the partisans turned their sites on the colonial capital of Philadelphia. On this episode we discuss the Paxton Boys Rebellion and the murder of the Contestogas. Our guests on this episode are author Jack Brubaker and...


       2018-03-05  51m

      episode 48: BPA S02E07: The Allegheny Arsenal Explosion: The Worst Civilian Disaster of the Civil War

      Just one day before the Battle of Antietam, the Allegheny Arsenal exploded. Primarily operated by young women on the homefront, a black powder explosion rocked the munitions hub of Pittsburgh and changed the city forever. Mysteries still remain regarded what caused the explosion, and explosive rounds are still being discovered to this day. On today's episode our guests are Senator John Heinz History Center CEO Andrew Masich and Lawrenceville Historical Society researcher...


       2018-02-26  54m

      episode 47: BPA S02E06: Jumonville Glen: George Washington’s First Battle

      In 1754, a young George Washington recieved his first taste of battle in the wilds of the western backcountry. Fighting alongside Indian allies, Washington's attack on a party of French soldiers known as the Battle of Jumonville Glen remains shrouded in mystery. Our guest on this episode is Brian Reedy of the National Park Service...spared no expense. 


       2018-02-19  n/a

      episode 46: BPA S02E05: The Homestead Steel Strike

      In the summer of 1892 the workers of the Homestead Steel Works and security forces hired by Carnegie Steel went to war. Known as a watershed moment in the history of American Labor, the Homestead Steel Strike saw full scale combat during the heart of the Industrial Age. On this episode our guests are Rivers of Steel CEO Augie Carlino and retired professor Charlie McCollester...spared no expense. 


       2018-02-13  n/a

      episode 45: BPA S02E04: Sporting Hill: Robert E. Lee’s High Water Mark

      In 1863 Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia invaded Pennsylvania. On June 30th, 1863 Confederate Lt. General Albert G. Jenkins and Union Major General Darius Couch squared off at Sporting Hill. Just one day before the Battle of Gettysburg, the Skirmish at Sporting Hill gave northerners a small taste of just how terrible the war could be. As it stands, Sporting Hill was the northern most engagement of the Gettysburg Campaign. On this episode our guests are author Cooper Wingert and...


       2018-02-07  48m

      episode 44: BPA S02E03: Washington’s Blunder: The Battle of Brandywine, 1777

      On September 11th, 1777 George Washington's Continental Army was all that stood between Philadelphia and the British Army. Understanding that a great stand would be required to save the colonial capitol, the General clashed with William Howe's Redcoats along the banks of the Brandywine. After a day-long battle Washington failed, and retreated in short order. As a result, the British Army captured and occupied Philadelphia for nine months and delivered one of the most terrible defeats of...


       2018-01-24  53m

      episode 43: BPA S02E02: The Burning of Hannastown: Frontier Apocalypse

      Known as a bastion of independence on the American frontier, the Scots-Irish city of Hannastown was considered a vital target of Pro-British forces during the American Revolution. In 1775, a full year before the penning of the Declaration of Independence, Hannastown produced their own document challenging the Crown. As many of the Patriot armies most infamous troops emerged from the town, Seneca warriors razed Hannastown in 1782. It was the greatest Indian victory of the American...


       2018-01-13  55m

      episode 42: BPA S02E01: The Whiskey Rebellion

      In the decade after the American Revolution farmers on the western frontier rose up in rebellion against the new federal government. Believing themselves to be ill-represented and abused, the region known for its whiskey production became a hotbed of sedition. On this episode our guest are Dr. Kevin Kopper and Robert Windhorst...spared no expense. 


       2018-01-08  58m

      episode 41: BPA S01E08: The Philadelphia Nativist Riots

      In 1844 the city of Philadelphia exploded into violence and chaos. With recent Irish immigrants coming to America by the tens of thousands each year, Nativist forces across the Northeast began to protest. In the Irish neighborhood of Kensington tensions boiled over, and the result was three days of fighting, church burning, and eventually open combat. On this episode our guests are author Ken Milano and Professor Katie Oxx...spared no expense.


       2017-11-06  54m

      episode 40: BPA S01E07: Escape from Gettysburg, the Battle of Monterey Pass

      In July of 1863 the Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia attempted to escape Pennsylvania after their defeat at Gettysburg. Moving through a narrow mountain gap called Monterey Pass, they were chased down by pursuing Federal cavalry. The resulting battle was the second largest engagement of the Gettysburg Campaign, and one of the few battles to take place on both sides of the Mason-Dixon Line. Our guests this week are author J.D. Petruzzi and Park Historian John Miller...spared no...


       2017-10-30  58m