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Discussing a wide range of topics, WARTIME seeks to fill the void between objective academic discussion and casual, carefree history. Drawing on the latest scholarship and welcoming highly original interpretations, WARTIME pushes the boundaries of traditional history by bringing it directly into the public forum for all to share. WARTIME is published weekly.


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episode 66: Fault Line: Bush, Blair, and Iraq

The Iraq War came about following a moment of crisis – September 11th, 2001. In real-time, the world watched our leaders react and made decisions based on fast-paced information presented to them, not unlike the moment we are currently facing in our ...


 September 29, 2020  6m

episode 65: New Podcast for Brady: Tune into Dispatches: The Podcast of the Journal of the American Revolution!

Hello everyone! Starting January 6th Brady will now be the host of Dispatches: The Podcast of the American Revolution. Tune in now for the latest in 1776 each week, every week! Our feed will still update with new episodes of Battlefield Pennsylvania ...


 February 9, 2019  2m

episode 63: Battlefield Pennsylvania: Crooked Billet: Seek and Destroy During the Revolution

While the British army occupied Philadelphia, the insurgent General George Washington was determined to starve it of supplies. Lead by Patriot raider-extraordinaire John Lacey, militiamen burned and terrorized Pennsylvania crops and farms to ensure t...


 November 26, 2018  52m

episode 62: Battlefield Pennsylvania S04E05: America in Turmoil: The Great Railroad Strikes of 1877

In 1877 America was in peril. As Federal troops struggled to maintain order in the South and defend the rights of freed African-Americans, labor uprising swept across the North and West. Considered part of the "Red Scare," a massive uptick in labor v...


 November 11, 2018  58m

episode 61: Battlefield Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania vs. Connecticut, America's First Civil War

On the eve of the American Revolution, the northeast prepared for war. After both claiming much of modern northeastern Pennsylvania, Connecticut settlers poured into the Wyoming valley. After taming the soil and organizing communities, these "Yankees...


 October 30, 2018  50m

episode 60: Battlefield Pennsylvania: The Wyoming Massacre of 1778

In 1778 the true brutal nature of the American Revolution was revealed when Iroquois warriors and Loyalist rangers attacked the Patriot settlement of Wyoming. Known as the breadbasket of the Revolution, the settlers of Wyoming were betrayed by a loca...


 October 17, 2018  54m

episode 59: Battlefield Pennsylvania: Hunterstown: The Battle for Lee's Left Flank at Gettysburg

On July 2nd, 1863 the battle for Lee's left flank was on. While the Army of the Potomac and Army of Northern Virginia tangled at Gettysburg, the two sides squared off four miles away at Hunterstown. Pitting Wade Hampton against George Armstrong Custe...


 September 24, 2018  51m

episode 58: Battlefield Pennsylvania: The Brodhead Campaign of 1779

In 1779 George Washington launched what would be his most successful campaign of the entire American Revolution: the destruction of Iroquoia. A three pronged attack from all directions, the Sullivan-Clinton-Brodhead Campaigns reduced the Haudenosaune...


 September 16, 2018  57m

episode 57: BPA S03E08: The Key to the Continent: The Battle of Fort Duquesne

In 1754 the armies of New France descended upon the North American frontier. After building a series of forts connecting the Great Lakes to the Ohio River, the post named Fort Duquesne stood as the key to continent. By connecting vital rivers and lak...


 July 24, 2018  47m

episode 56: BPA S03E07: The Battle of McCord's Fort: The War on the Homefront

In 1756 the French Empire allied with the disaffected warriors of the Ohio Country. As the Seven Years' War began, these Mingo, Delaware, and Shawnee warriors began raiding the Scots-Irish settlers of the Pennsylvania backcountry. In one of their fir...


 July 16, 2018  54m