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WaseOff Podcast is a timeline of me (Stacey Pryce) conquering my fear of social anxiety in every interview, but also a story of people that have found and chosen their purpose of how they serve others. The highlights and the struggles, the moments we laugh at ourselves or even cry, the moments of our past that somehow come to our present, but most importantly it’s to know that we as creative geniuses go through similar moments. Our job is to grow through what we go through and to be a little vulnerable along the way. It’s in these moments we find our strength, and the communities we serve. As Maya Angelou says, “We are more alike than we are unalike”. Keep going. Keep growing. Be the change. Your life depends on it!


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episode 88: Believe in what drives you

Hey all! This episode is #EmPWR'd by @PlayWitRox & @Resetbusinessco Hope you all enjoyed the recent episodes from the past weeks with Erik Allen, Helen Edwards and Michael Brian! I enjoyed sharing their perspective and upbringing with you guys! The ...


 2021-10-28  38m

episode 87: Freedom is sexy and what you resist persists

This episode is #EmPWR'd by @PlayWitRox & @Resetbusinessco   Helen Edwards is the author of "Nothing Sexier than Freedom", speaker, podcaster and retreat cultivator. In this episode, I learn about how Helen started Sexy Freedom Media LLC and how she f...


 2021-10-21  1h22m

episode 86: Numbers, Diving Timing and ”Am I black enough?” with @coachursa

This episode is #EmPWR'd by @PlayWitRox & @Resetbusinessco   The artist formerly known as Ursa Major (Bency Pierre) is a teacher, former artist and founder of The Label Noir and now, AirBnb enthusiast and owner.    He’s a returning guest that shares a lo...


 2021-10-14  1h21m

episode 85: Finding purpose from your past

This episode is #EmPWR'd by @PlayWitRox and @Resetbusinessco   Hey guys! Happy Wednesday! I'm excited to share this discussion with you between myself and Erik! Erik posted in a podcast group that he was on his podcast tour to be on 100 podcasts this ...


 2021-10-07  54m

episode 84: Pryce on Purpose - New beginnings, Start and hesitation

This episode is #EmPWR'd by @PlayWitRox & @Resetbusinessco   Cheers to new beginnings!   I was challenged on @businessaccelerationplaybook to announce the business I am working on. Some of us are so afraid of sharing due to doubt, fear of judgement ...


 2021-09-16  39m

episode 83: Pryce on Purpose - How to stop negative thinking.

This episode is #EmPWR'd by @PlayWitRox and @Resetbusinessco Have you ever said or heard someone say these things before?  "I suck..""I'm so stupid.""I'm an idiot.""I'm a klutz." "I always mess things up." I've definitely said a few of these phrases to m...


 2021-09-09  35m

episode 82: Pryce on Purpose #Gratitude

This episode is #EmPWR'd by @PlayWitRox and @Resetbusinessco  Today I discuss my experience with the 21 Day Meditation on #Spotify and how important gratitude is, in your everyday practice.  Also, I share the benefits of meditation!  Please share this ep...


 2021-09-02  28m

episode 81: Pryce On Purpose #Commonsense #Vision #Thoughts

This episode is #EmPWR'd by @PlayWitRox & @Resetbusinessco Common Sense by Thomas Paine. “A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right, and raises at first a formidable outcry in defense of custom. But the ...


 2021-08-26  33m

episode 80: Pryce On Purpose #Faith #Belief

This episode is EmPWR'd by @PlayWitRox & @Resetbusinessco In this episode, I discuss why faith and belief is so important. Life gets easier when we choose to move with what moves us. Take time to learn your purpose and why it was given to you. We all...


 2021-08-19  40m

episode 79: What is one of the most important things we should learn?

6 signs we need to work on our self awareness.


 2021-08-12  39m