Watch Out for Fireballs!

Watch Out for Fireballs! is a game club podcast, focused on retro and non-current games. Every week, we play a game in its entirety, then discuss its merits and flaws at length. Most episodes begin with a short sketch, and we're pretty liberal about keeping tangents in. But it ultimately comes down to: Why do we like (or dislike?) this game.

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WOFF 371 Preview: Carrion

How far can an excellent premise carry a game? Looks like it's more than 2 hours but less than 5. Carrion has an unbeatable premise, a hall of fame premise, and aesthetics to back it up. Why on earth is it not more fun to play? Listen and find out! This is the preview version of this episode. If you want to hear the full episode, and many, many more, join us at


 2022-09-22  50m

370: Metal Gear Solid V (Part 2)

Venom Snake still has some fights to fight, as we pick up Skull Face's trail in Afghanistan to experience the majority of what the Phantom Pain has to offer. As a genuine heads up, this episode might not be for you if you adore this game or Hideo Kojima's whole vibe. We clown on things while gushing about the play, which some people take us as completely hating the whole experience. If you will take that personally then please consider yourself forewarned...


 2022-09-16  3h9m

369: Metal Gear Solid V (Part one)

What do you do when there's a Kojima about? What do you do when a game has some of the best stealth action in video games, one of the most satisfying loops in video games, but punctuates it with some of the worst boss fights and clumsy exposition and plotting? It's a complicated game that gives us complicated feelings! Listen in if you want to hear us wrestle with Kojima's legacy, both as critics and as one current and one former fan...


 2022-09-08  3h6m

368: Bugsnax

Bugsnax is a cute indie that caught a lot of attention with its catchy theme song, but did you know there's a whole game behind that song? We play this cute combination of Pokemon Snap and Ape Escape, navigating Snaktooth Island and catching bugs who happen to be snacks. The goal? To help the townspeople and learn the truth of what's really happening on this island, with these snacks who happen to be bugs...


 2022-09-02  1h57m

368: WOFF Dispatch: Where Games Take Place

We answer your questions, read your responses to August's games, and spend some time talking about the sorts of places that show up in games, and what we'd like to see more of, before announcing our slate for the best month of the year, October.


 2022-08-25  2h5m

WOFF 367 Preview: Wario Land 4

Wario is one of Nintendo's secret best weapons. As "the opposite of Mario" he is an aesthetic triumph, indulging in every vice and drawing us in with his shamelessness. And for a while, he was the star of his own series of puzzle platformers on Nintendo portable systems. Wario Land 4 is an odd duck in that sub-series, with a more action-oriented presentation that doesn't leave the puzzles behind...


 2022-08-19  43m

366: Final Fantasy XII (Part 2)

Basch, Balthier, Ashe, Fran, and two associates continue their quest for magic rocks! Will the princess use the rocks or smash the rocks? Find out as we continue our exploration of this world spanning adventure. Though the dungeons take a wet fart at the end, the dialogue and presentation continue to be first in class.


 2022-08-11  2h54m

365: Final Fantasy XII (Part 1)

The land of Ivalice is a land in constant turmoil, and with Final Fantasy XII we find ourselves caught in the midst of a larger struggle that is obliterating the borderlands between two massive empires. This is how the stage is set for the twelfth entry in the Final Fantasy series, the first mainline entry of the series to get really weird with it. This episode concerns itself primarily with the game's many new mechanics, and a general discussion of how they hang together...


 2022-08-04  3h3m

WOFF Dispatch: Save Games

Saving. When can you do it? When should you be able to do it? How does it change the rhythm of games? Also, man, what a fucking ripoff memory cards were. We also answer your questions, announce September's games, and A BRAND NEW SHOW ON THE NETWORK.


 2022-07-28  2h7m

WOFF 364 Preview: Control

Jesse Faden has walked a rough road, one that leads up to the door of a secret government agency headquartered in a building that not everyone can see. It's the Federal Bureau of Control, they may have her brother held captive, and they are definitely overrun by a malignant interdimensional force. This feels like a culmination of a lot of what Remedy has been working toward, and they achieved it by working against their strengths...


 2022-07-21  59m