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Dedicated to helping you relive your favorite Walt Disney World Memories through the use of immersive binaural sound recorded live in the Disney Parks. Join Lou with each episode as he lets you experience a ride, show, or attraction just as he originally heard it live in the parks. When you can't travel to Disney World, Lou and his family will bring WDW to you.


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episode 4: 12 Memories of Christmastime: Memory 04 - La Befana in Italy

12 Days of Christmas, Memory 04, La Befana: Like yesterday, we missed the start of this story, partially because we couldn’t find where she was. We turn around into a bright December sun in 2006, and there she is in the middle of the plaza. We probably only missed the first couple of minutes, and I regret this, because she was really quite good. Anyways, she will share with us her story of missing her chance to meet the Baby Jesus, and that she continues to look for him every year...


 2007-12-17  5m

episode 3: 12 Memories of Christmastime: Memory 03 - The Holiday Storyteller in Germany

12 Days of Christmas, Memory 03, Germany: As we begin today’s journey, we arrive a little late to Germany to catch our story teller. It’s a beautiful evening in December 2006 as we run up to get there a minute after the story teller has started. She is telling us about how a traditional Christmas time is spent. Then she begins to tell us the story of the first Christmas Tree and the Nutcracker.

Show notes: https://wdw-memories.net/2007/12/16/christmastime-memory-03/


 2007-12-16  6m

episode 2: 12 Memories of Christmastime: Memory 02 - The Monkey King in China

12 Days of Christmas, Memory 02, The Monkey King: We will visit the Monkey King in Epcot’s China pavilion on a beautiful evening in December 2006. The sun is setting, and the sky is beautiful. We hear the Monkey King approaching from our left, and of course sees me standing there with my video camera and has to say hello. Then he takes his place in the plaza in front of the Sun Palace. Then he dances and entertains us with how he came to be.

Show notes: https://wdw-memories...


 2007-12-16  6m

episode 1: 12 Memories of Christmastime: Memory 01 - The Three Kings in Mexico

As a special this year, we're going to celebrate with the 12 Memories of Christmastime in Walt Disney World. Each day, from now through Christmas day, I will be releasing a short podcast with minimal editing, and taking you directly to a special holiday treat, something that can be found at Walt Disney World during the Holiday season. 12 Days of Christmas, Memory 01, The Three Kings: We're going to start our 12 Days of Christmas in Epcot at the Mexico Pavilion...


 2007-12-14  10m

episode 24: The Great Movie Ride

Today’s Memory was requested by Anthony from New York City, he wrote: I was wondering if you had the audio to the great movie ride? I really enjoy this ride and it is a good audio file. … I enjoy this ride so much because last time i was on it, i was with everyone in my family, and i mean everyone, including aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters, mom and dad.

Show notes: https://wdw-memories.net/2007/12/03/memory-024/


 2007-12-04  27m

episode 23: Fantasmic!

Today’s Memory was requested by Chris by writing: Loved the Illuminations podcast - it’s my favorite nighttime show at WDW. Do you have any plans to have a Fantasmic podcast to go along with your Wishes and Illuminations shows? I’d love to hear it if you do.

Show notes: https://wdw-memories.net/2007/11/17/memory-023/


 2007-11-18  31m

episode 22: Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress

Today’s Memory was requested by Katie from Illinois. She says: “My family and I go every year and we never get tired of it! Anyway my aunt and I love to listen to your podcast! I would like to request one of my all time favorite rides. I would love it if you could make The Carousel of Progress and episode! I know that it is closed sometimes but if it's open next time your there I would love it if you recorded it!”.

Show notes: https://wdw-memories.net/2007/11/02/memory-022/


 2007-11-02  25m

episode 21: American Vybe 2

Today’s memory is a continuation from memory 20. We are returning today to the American Pavilion for two more sets of American Vybe for my friend Brian of the Mousin’ It Up Podcast. He wrote me a while ago asking if I had any streetmosphere audio. Unfortunately, I don’t have anything that I would consider streetmosphere, so instead we’re visiting the now extinct group, American Vybe.

Show notes: https://wdw-memories.net/2007/10/14/memory-021/


 2007-10-15  31m

episode 20: American Vybe 1

Today’s episode was requested before my hard drive broke. Today’s request came from Brian of the Mousin’ It Up Podcast. He wrote me asking if I had any streetmosphere audio. Unfortunately, I don’t have anything that consider streetsmosphere, so instead I’m going to do a show which I’m sure he would like anyway. Tonight we’re going to catch the American Vybe.

Show notes: https://wdw-memories.net/2007/09/06/memory-020/


 2007-09-06  21m

episode 19: The Haunted Mansion

Today’s episode has been requested by multiple individuals. Today we take a ride through The Haunted Mansion. I don’t remember who exactly requested this first, but I remember receiving at least 3 different emails. So what would be better to get this show going again than one of my favorite attractions. Besides being an entertaining ride, it’s always cool, the line moves well, and the Cast Members obviously love what they’re doing.

Show notes: https://wdw-memories...


 2007-08-24  16m