We are Believers: Podcast

We are believers in people, ideas and the power of communication. This podcast is rooted in philosophical theory, as well as real experience and cultural appearence, to be affirmed or challenged throughout our conversations. We are not trying to change your mind. We only express what we believe as we do not claim to know. Along the way, we try to show how wonderful you are, in case you forget it and share with you our doubts and wonderings. Disagree? Have other interesting topic or question? Write to us! www.instagram.com/wrbelievers



Running after OR waiting for???

Should you go after things or should you wait for what is coming in the right time when you are ready? This topic was offered by one of our listeners. Thank you, dear listener. We were surprised how emotional this discussion was. The topic touched a sensitive part of our lives and lead to sexual attraction. Then we came back to the main questions: Do I really want it? Am I ready for it? In one moment we were stuck on personal relationships between man and woman...


 2020-01-05  1h16m

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and frustration

In this episode we wanted to discussed results of the year, plans for new year and belonging to this moment frustration feeling.

But, something went wrong and in this episode we will share with you.... 

privat stories about million sexual parthners of Hollis. 

Daria`s "PIP" friend.

Who is fault if something went not as you planned it? 

Tips and tricks from believers how to be more effective...


 2019-12-27  1h28m

Energy of people around us, Tinder and attraction

Can people feel energy of other people?

In this episode we prove, that it is not. 

We touch very interesting topic - attraction between man and woman. What is this, that attract us so much? 

Our exprerience and thoughts about Tinder. "Friender" or real chance to find love of your life?





 2019-12-18  1h27m

Dreams, Goals and Money

What is your dream? 

Is it dream only or something that you like to archive? 

How to identify difference between dreams and goals? 





 2019-12-09  46m