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Chroniclers of Darkness Season Two; Free Crone Radio Episode 4

The Prince is spreading borders, restricting feeding, and pushing for her city-wide registration of the city's Kindred. Luckily, your hosts will make submitting your will and future as easy as paperwork.


 2019-04-27  19m

Demon: the Descent Episode 5: Sermon of Silicon - Chroniclers of Darkness Season Two

Eye-in-the-Sky and Mr Stillframe have one last shot to stall the galactic battle between DataMasse and Zemidir. But when an unlikely ally reveals a new side to the conflict, even the Unchained may become entangled.   You can learn more about the...


 2019-04-05  30m

Demon: the Descent Episode 4: Sermon of Silicon - Chroniclers of Darkness Season Two

Ashley, Becky and Stillframe attend Zip Recruitment's motivational sermon of resurrection, corruption, and rebooting that may bring the world to its knees. After months of teasing, the forces fighting for humanity's future reveal themselves, and the...


 2019-03-29  26m

Demon: the Descent Episode 3: Fragment - Chroniclers of Darkness Season Two

Becky Burke is a college student, a Stigmatic, and a liability in her fake mother's Cover story. When a new friend starts appearing around campus, neither friend nor foe can be trusted. Plus, with the dead not staying dead, Eye-in-the-Sky is going to...


 2019-03-23  22m

Demon: the Descent Episode 2, Data Ex Machina - Chroniclers of Darkness Season 2

In a world of heartless Angels and Fallen digital Demons, a fire is still raging. Our "Demon: the Descent" story continues with Episode 2, "Data Ex Machina."   Eye-in-the-Sky takes up Rheziel's assignment to enter the Time Splinter and rescue an...


 2019-03-16  25m

Ep 186 - An Interview with Veronica Dang

The day before Yo sat down with comedian, writer and director Veronica Dang, her short film "Extinct," had just won "Best Short Film" at the Katra Film Series Competition. So, we had plenty to talk about. Sometimes, to get work, you have to make work....


 2019-03-11  24m

Demon: the Descent Episode 1, Glitch - Chroniclers of Darkness Season 2

The game of TechGnostic Espionage begins. Look closer at Ashley Burke. Perfect daughter, perfect persona, perfectly hidden from the God-Machine. But when one teammate goes missing, and another comes under attack, Ashley Burke is in perfect danger....


 2019-03-08  22m

Episode 185 - Ripple Effect: Advocacy Through the Arts with Jessica Jennings

Can live theater inspire people to move and take up arms? Even against something as large as climate change? Ripple Effect Artists believe so. Yo sits down with Director of Development, Jessica Jennings, to talk about process. How does a theater...


 2019-03-06  29m

Episode 184 - Bully the Bully: Artists Against Hate with Laura Aguinaga

Love fights hate. The hum has grown into a roar. The MeToo Movement has led to actor's unions legislating against private auditions. Laura Aguinaga is an actress, director, writer, anime nerd, and sits down with Yo in the midst of a hectic schedule to...


 2019-02-25  37m

Episode 183 - Anna Frankl-Duval, The Brit Who Won't Quit

Uncle Yo is...back? Wait, what happened to Chroniclers? In this new mini-series block of interviews, Yo announces convention and podcast plans for the future, as well as an interview with actress, screenwriter and producer Anna Frankl-Duval. Throwing...


 2019-02-18  26m