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Intuitive Let's Plays of various systems by a various group of dedicated TTRPG enthusiasts. If you are looking for an a-typical TTRG experience then look no further, we have dozens of systems and a large active community always eager to create more episodes!


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episode 16: Pathfinder Episode 2

Wyle jumps into the GM chair and takes the character into his pathfinder world based off of the Louisiana coast.  


 2015-08-04  5h16m

episode 15: Old School Dungeon Crawl Episode 3

Join us for the Battle of Griffonsburg. Friends and enemies old and new converge on the capitol!


 2015-07-17  5h1m

episode 14: Space Buccaneers Episode 2: Kevin Stargazer makes a boo boo

Our heroes come face to face with a major force of darkness!  Kevin Stargazer makes some bad choices!  Hatochi almost gets turned into a fountian!  How are they going to weasle their way out of this one, and what about the Rep!  


 2015-07-17  3h44m

episode 13: Awesome Independence Part 1

A group of common folk are thrust into greatness as they seek to defeat tyranny in their land.  Will they be awesome enough to accomplish the job?  WARNING: Loud Noises, Matt with an Airhorn, General Awesomeness.  


 2015-07-10  4h33m

D20 Vampire Hunter

A Hunter game using the D20 modern system.


 2015-07-10  3h16m

episode 12: Sword and Flame

Come join our "Heroes" they attempt to rescue a noble's daughter.  Things get out of hand and Mike goes through at least three characters.  No Witnesses!


 2015-07-02  3h36m

Pathfinder Episode 1

We Hate Bards finally found someone to run a Pathfinder game!


 2015-06-26  3h44m

episode 11: Rune Quest Episode 1: We Fight Chaos!

The adventures of a group of former street children as they attempt to cleanse the world of chaos!  Well, at least a small river of chaos in a dump of town on the outskirts of the Lunar empire.  At least they're not eating rat for dinner and beating up ol


 2015-06-26  3h43m

episode 10: Space Buccaneers Episode 1

Come join our crew of space faring heroes as they hunt down the forces of darkness and get rich doing so!  Our crew finds itself deep in enemy space in search of a missing ship.  Will they be able to find it without having their ship torn to pieces?  


 2015-06-25  2h47m

episode 9: Old School Dungeon Crawl Episode 2

Come join the continued adventures of Mike the half-human DM as he leds a group of adventurers in search of gold, glory, and dungeons!    


 2015-06-18  3h30m