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Intuitive Let's Plays of various systems by a various group of dedicated TTRPG enthusiasts. If you are looking for an a-typical TTRG experience then look no further, we have dozens of systems and a large active community always eager to create more episodes!


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Own World!

CN GM Luke takes a cast of characters through his homebrew dungeons and dragons world. Adventure and Chaos await!


 2015-06-12  2h32m

episode 8: Call of Cthulhu: The Fire That Burns Brightest

A group of army rangers are pulled from testing some R&D for DARPA to respond to a nightmare scenario threat.  They are told that a terrorist threat has obtained a nuclear weapon and are hold up in the ghost town Centralia.  Things though are not as they


 2015-06-11  3h0m

episode 7: Call of Cthulhu: 1930's Batman Edition (Shorter Playtest)

(A shorter playtest of Mike's 1930's Pulp action Call of Cthulhu game)  Come join a cast of pulp heroes as they attempt to put the lid on a mad cult bent on chaos and destruction.  


 2015-06-05  3h36m

episode 6: Leverage RPG

Based off the hit television show Leverage.  Come join our band of thieves with hearts of gold as they turn the tables on the owners of a run down condominium in order to save a little old lady from being evicted. 


 2015-06-05  1h45m

episode 5: Call of Cthulhu: 1930's Batman Edition

Come join a cast of pulp heroes during the 1930's as they attempt to put a stop to a cult's nefarious schemes.  If for anything else listen for Ben, as he gets to finally play Batman in a roleplaying game.    


 2015-05-29  6h12m

episode 4: Captain Planet GrimDark GrityReboot

Let's dust off a classic from the 90's and give it a gritty reboot.  Come join the Planeteers as they go after the murderous criminal Looten Plunder and attempt to bring him to justice, by any means necessary.   Somehow the raw files went missing for this


 2015-05-29  2h33m

episode 3: Old School Dungeon Crawl Episode 1

Come join Mike the Half-Human DM and our brave adventurers as they quest for gold, glory, and dungeons!  


 2015-05-23  3h5m

episode 2: The Haunting Lodge

Ben DM's a scenario for Matt and Cris published for Dungeons and Dragons 3.0/3.5.  A Necromancer, a Duskblade, and an NPC cleric walk into a haunted lodge... 


 2015-05-23  2h3m

episode 1: No One Gets Out of Here Alive

Our first podcast, why not take it back a couple of years to preview Cris's homebrew horror system (D6 Simple) called No One Gets Out of Here Alive.  Can Matt and Ben's characters make it through the night at a charity book reading event without becoming


 2015-05-22  1h57m