We Have Concerns

Jeff Cannata and Anthony Carboni talk about the personal philosophical concerns they find lurking inside everyday things. It's fun?


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episode 655: Unfriending Dunbar and Ending Conversations

Dunbar's Number is the theoretical conative limit of friends any human can maintain at once. For years, social scientists have claimed that this upper bound was in tension with our modern, social media-influenced lives. But what if Dunbar's Number isn't true? Anthony and Jeff take a look at new study that might debunk the idea...



episode 654: What's in a Name and Slowing Dopamine Fasts

The maluma-takete effect is the perception that certain kinds of sounds should be attributed to certain physical features. Sonorant sounds like you find in o and b and m tend to be related to rounder, softer, and more generous qualities, while shorter sounds like you find in k, t, or i are associated with spiky, more outgoing traits. Jeff and Anthony discuss this phenomenon and try to decide if they have the right kinds of sounds in their own names...



episode 653: Bird Thieves and Cruising For Climate Change

Birds are criminals. Obviously. But science has found even more proof. Also: climate change is a problem, and cruise ships are a huge part of that problem. BUT WHAT IF WE MADE A CRUISE SHIP TO COMBAT CLIMATE CHANGE? AND filled it with billionaires? Checkmate, thinking people.



episode 652: Get More Blue and Less is More

Science has been searching for an organic option to create blue food dye for decades. A new solution may come from the unlikeliest of places: something red. Anthony and Jeff discuss the state of blue foods in 2021. Then, we've all heard that both "bigger is better" and "less is more," but which is more common? Jeff and Anthony talk about a new study that shows humans actually have a preference.



episode 651: Block the Sun and a Battery of Waste

The crisis of global climate change is causing some researchers to consider drastic measures, including the idea of sending nanoparticles into the atmosphere to reflect the sun's rays away from Earth. But the government of Sweden isn't having it. Anthony and Jeff debate the science of blotting out the sun. Then, what if you could have a battery that lasts 28,000 years? A new startup aims to have a working prototype available in 2 years. The catch? It's made out of nuclear waste...


 2021-04-16  52m

episode 650: Mystery's Afoot and Selfless Parrots

When fifteen different severed feet washed up in a section of the Pacific Northwest called the Salish Sea, speculation ran wild of a serial killer, or some other nefarious culprit. But when scientists started to study the are, they discovered an explanation even more incredible. Jeff and Anthony look into the Mystery of the Floating Feet. Then, can birds be selfless? New research into two species of parrot reveals a surprising capacity for generosity...


 2021-04-02  52m

episode 649: Creating Tears and Encouraging Truth

Scientists have created groupings of cells that can cry. Jeff and Anthony debate whether this creates incredible new frontiers, or is a nightmare from which we will never awaken. Then, a new study suggests that shifting reader attention online can help combat the spread of inaccurate information. Adding a request to rate information accuracy can actually change the quality of information they share online. Anthony and Jeff discuss how effective this approach might be on social media channels.


 2021-04-01  53m

episode 648: Send Sperm to the Moon and Dinosaur Gaps

Scientists have suggested that humans could build an "ark" filled with sperm samples — on the moon. The ark would involve shooting the sperm and ova samples of 6.7 million species up to the moon via multiple payloads. Anthony and Jeff discuss the plan and whether it makes any damn sense whatsoever. Then, dinosaurs were the dominant vertebrates on earth for 150 million years, yet their size range doesn't correspond with other fossil groups...


 2021-03-23  1h0m

episode 647: Lancelot Drink and Headless Slugs

What separates us from the primates? Opposable thumbs? Self-awareness? What if it's water efficiency? Anthony and Jeff discuss a new study just might provide an answer an age-old question in an entirely new way. Then, researchers have discovered a kind of sea slug that can cut it's own head off and regrow its body over a series of weeks. Jeff and Anthony wonder what THAT'S like.


 2021-03-14  1h1m

episode 646: Lucid Dreaming and Alone with Your Thoughts

An international team of researchers was able to achieve real-time dialogues with people in the midst of lucid dreams, according to a study published in Current Biology. Jeff and Anthony discuss whether they have experienced lucid dreaming, and if the excitement around this study is a bit overstated. Then, how difficult is it for humans to be alone with their thoughts? A new study shows just how far people will go to stop the silence...


 2021-03-05  54m