We Have Concerns

Jeff Cannata and Anthony Carboni talk about the personal philosophical concerns they find lurking inside everyday things. It's fun?


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episode 22: Immortality Transfusion

Researchers in California are planning to treat Alzheimer patients by replacing their blood with blood of young people.  Even crazier, there is reason to believe it may work, since old mice have become healthier and more youthful when their circulatory sy


 2014-08-25  22m

episode 21: Like This

A writer for Wired clicked 'like' on every single article, update, or advertisement that Facebook presented to him over the course of two days, and described what it did to his feed. It turns out, the algorithm can go pretty wild if you're willing to foll


 2014-08-22  23m

episode 20: Welcome to the Hoverboard Future

The "impossible" propulsion drive, which uses microwaves and invisible matter to theoretically power space travel - and which seems to violate the laws of physics, has actually been validated by NASA.  This causes Jeff to go bananas, dreaming of a fantasy


 2014-08-20  22m

episode 19: Salmon Fodder

Humans controlling waterways by building dams has caused major problems for salmon, who must return to fresh water to breed. But a new company - Whooshh Innovations (not making that up) - has developed a better way to help salmon get upstream: a giant sal


 2014-08-18  23m

episode 18: Ant-y Social

Researchers have determined that individual ant colonies have their own distinct personalities, and that these personalities are shaped by their environments.  This leads Jeff and Anthony to wonder if all animals have personality, and if humans might have


 2014-08-15  21m

episode 17: White Penguins Can't Jump

Fossils discovered in the Antarctic reveal a penguin that reached the approximate size of Lebron James, 6'8 and 250 pounds.  That's a big penguin.  Jeff and Anthony try to figure out exactly how they would defeat such a creature in an ice-fight at the top


 2014-08-13  18m

episode 16: Married to a Troll

A woman on Reddit discovered that her husband had been leaving vile comments on web sites, so she kicked him out of the house.  Anthony and Jeff celebrate this principled woman, discuss the nature of internet trolls, and examine what constitutes an online


 2014-08-11  21m

episode 15: Your Baby's Personal Brand

A new web service will provide baby name suggestions only for combinations that are still available as unregistered .coms, helping parents ensure their child will not have to grow up with a messy, misspelled or complex digital profile.  Do Anthony and Jef


 2014-08-08  21m

episode 14: Attention and the BraiSQUIRREL

Anthony read an article that argues in favor to short attention spans, and tries to convince Jeff that multitasking is the next step of evolution for humans. To prove his point, he does the entire episode while watching The Croods. Hey! If you're enjoyin


 2014-08-04  23m

episode 13: Let's Die in Space

A simulated Mars mission on Hawaii comes to an end, prompting Jeff and Anthony to wonder whether they'd go to Mars, what it's like to knowingly go somewhere strange to die, and if these fakers even got a decent Mars experience. Hey! If you're enjoying th


 2014-08-02  21m