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Hosts and sisters, Torie and Kelly, love giving their helpful advice...even when it's unsolicited. Each week on We Thought You Asked, you'll hear their differing opinions on pop culture, mental health, life, friendships, relationships, TV, social media, fashion, and news. Torie's a therapist, and Kelly's a corporate dropout-turned-nomad, and they often have very different views. Tune in each week to hear what they have to say (they may even answer one of your own questions!) Just a quick disclaimer: while T’s a therapist, and we discuss mental health topics on the show, this podcast is NOT therapy or a substitute for therapy. This pod is just for fun, and if you are needing some extra support, we really encourage you to a contact a licensed therapist near you.


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episode 12: Holiday Survival Guide (Tips, Tricks & Solicited Advice)

We’re answering listener questions about how to survive the holiday season (we're covering Thanksgiving stress, how to escape the madness, what to do if are overwhelmed, juggling it all, mother-in-laws ruining Christmas, how to cook a great meal without putting in the work, setting boundaries, white Christmas and white lies, and how to bring joy to this wild time of year)...



episode 11: Red Taylor Talk (Ft. ALLEGEDLY BRAVO)

WE FOUND TAYLOR SWIFT'S SCARF! Fellow Swiftie, Lauren, from Allegedly Bravo joins Kelly to talk all things Taylor...



episode 10: Celeb Idols, Rage-O-Meters & Lots of Unsolicited Advice

Taylor Swift obsessions, the Astroworld tragedy, why you should never idolize celebs, cancel culture, the calming gift that ruined Torie’s furniture, what to do if you or a friend are thinking about starting an MLM business, the craziest moment in Real Housewife history, and so much more. 

TW: Death/Astroworld

 Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Information on BetterHelp’s terms: @therapy...



episode 9: True Romance & A True Crime Confession, Conspiracies & The Worst Celebs

Torie admits to a crime she committed that turns everything Kelly thought she knew about her childhood upside down. We also discuss Halloween, why Hilaria Baldwin is the absolute worst, Scheana Shay and Brock's relationship, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson (are they or aren't they?), whether or not it's okay to do things with your new partner that you did with your old partner, and some of weirdest news headlines of the week...



episode 8: Jersey Shore, Princesses, Bad Fashion & Bad Hairstyles

We’re laughing our way through a lot of news-worthy topics today! Buckle up for this one:

(0:00) Kelly’s caffeinated, Torie has no secrets anymore, and how to become an unpaid model like BJ Novak

(5:10) A real estate wedding, a royal wedding, and was that a real wedding? Plus, why Kelly is a real artist for her creative Instagram stories, why modern-day royal families are the worst, and true love.

(16:31) Torie catches Kelly up on the Bravo universe...



episode 7: Engagements, Breakups, A Bad Celeb Psychic Experience, & Body Image

We’ve got a lot on the docket today. We discuss some of the hottest relationships in pop culture right now (engagements and breakups), Kelly’s bad experience with a “famous” psychic, and our thoughts about Khloe Kardashian being on the cover of Health Magazine.

TW - we touch on body image & unhealthy relationships (psychological & emotional abuse) in this episode

(0:00) Mercury in Retrograde is over, but the full moon is affecting Kelly now...


 2021-10-21  54m

episode 6: A True Crime Discussion (From the Murdaugh Murders to Erika Girardi), This Week’s Top Pop Culture Happenings, and the Gross Thing Torie Bought from an Instagram Ad (The Biggest Crime of Them All)

Welcome to Episode 6! Today, we’re chatting about crimes and pop culture:

(0:00) Torie moved and bought Uggs (sort of), and why not washing your bedsheets is a true crime.

(4:09) Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are speaking Kelly’s language...but it’s a lot. We discuss the worst project they have ever been involved in, and passionate & press-filled relationships...


 2021-10-14  56m

episode 5: Facebook Went Down (The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly), How to Speak Up for Yourself, and a Pop Culture/TV/Fashion Roundup

Welcome to our 5th episode! We have a lot of interesting conversations today, so buckle up for this ride:

(0:00) Kelly went to a water park, Mercury is in retrograde and it's screwing with us this time around (so please don't mind Torie's echo-ey audio today)

(3:12) Facebook went down and the world stopped for a day...


 2021-10-07  49m

episode 4: A Chatty Episode | Summer House, The Bachelor (And Why It’s Not Our Cup of Tea), The # of Unread Emails We Have (Pls Don't Hate Us), and Britney Spears' Conservatorship

Welcome to today’s episode! Today, we're talking about:

(0:00) Bravo shows, including Summer House (and the royal wedding of Kyle and Amanda), Vanderpump Rules (did it jump the shark?), and Winter House (and whether Paige and Craig are really dating)

(6:20) Explaining why we don’t watch The Bachelor, but why we can appreciate the contestants' hustle (and chatting about Salley Carson, who was supposed to be getting married, but might end up on the show...


 2021-09-29  42m

episode 3: Vulnerability vs. Oversharing | The Case of Gabby Petito (A Mental Health & Domestic Violence Discussion with a Therapist)

Welcome to today’s episode! Today, we’re talking about:

(0:00) Catching Up: Chatting about sleeping separately from your partner, Kelly’s vacation in Sidemen (Bali) and why it made her feel like a 90-year-old woman, and how the pandemic changed our relationships with socialization

(7:18) Being Vulnerable vs...


 2021-09-22  44m
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