We've Got WARD

A Weekly Podcast in which hosts Scott and Matt expertly dissect and discuss the hit web serial Worm, week by week, arc by arc.



Episode 3: Agitation

Happy Wormsday everyone! We're back with another episode of our weekly show dissecting the web serial , arc by arc. As always, Parahumans expert Matt leads first time reader Scott on an epic journey where they discuss, debate, and nerd out on...


 2017-05-01  1h44m

Episode 2: Insinuation

We're back! After the outpouring of wonderful feedback received after the first episode, Scott and Matt have decided to make We've Got Worm a weekly podcast series. Each Wednesday (Wormsday) we'll come at you with an hour long discussion of another...


 2017-05-01  1h14m

Episode 1: Gestation

We are very excited to announce a brand new regular podcast feature: We've Got Worm, our close reading, and discussion of the cult web serial novel . Scott will be reading Worm for the first time and walking us through his impressions as he goes....


 2017-05-01  58m