Wealth,  Yoga , Wine

Wealth is not about money in the bank. Wealth includes good health, an abundance of friends, wealth can be an amazing relationship. Wealth is a state of gratitude. Kundalini Yoga- This is the oldest yoga and dates back to India over 5000 years You CAN protect yourself with yoga, prevent illness, and increase your prosperity. Wine - I am a Francophile I love all things French, especially the wines Therefore, I am biased when discussing wines and for many reasons. But listen to the podcast. It’s quicker. It’s FUN learning some easy fundamentals about wine and food pairing.


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Hate Dieting? 5 cheating tips to help

I hate dieting - 5 tips to cheat  Never too young to get in shape. 80 yo knocks it out of the park  (on the dance floor) Britiain's got talent golden buzzer GREAT VID I never diet anyway..  Five tips to improve physique...


 2022-07-27  12m

Bloopers, Miscommunications, Mulligans

Sometimes we make bloopers when there is a huuuge miscommunication.. and sometimes we need to ask for a "Do Over".. also called a Mulligan.. In honor of summer, I included some funny blooper videos on my podcast, simply so we can remember to laugh, as...


 2022-07-20  11m

Are You Chasing Wealth, Money?

Are Chasing Wealth, Money?   Wealth is a mindset. It is NOT money in the bank…. What we all really want is an abundant life which embraces:  Health and Well being Vocation Love and Relationships  Time and Money Freedom  ( people...


 2022-07-13  10m

Quit Your Therapist Using 3 Alternative Techniques

Forget the therapist.. use three techniques instead Tap down the negative  Get rid of the" I CAN’T , I DON’T HAVE, I WON’T" ( I am doing this thing,  I AM I AM) Laugh, laugh, humor, : replace news with funny shows, YouTube FREE movies,...


 2022-07-06  12m

Two Quick Tips to Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination is a decision  You are happier when you get things done correct? The quickest method to overcome procrastinating  MAKE A LIST THE NIGHT BEFORE 2, 3 or 4 things minimum  Do one of the easiest first  To get you...


 2022-06-29  9m

Secrets to Anti-Aging, Vitality

Anti aging & Vitality This is a true story about Mary Morrissey’s mom who experienced her husband’s untimely death.  She went into a deep depression. For a few years she wished she had died with him. The family tried to keep her busy with...


 2022-06-22  8m

Do you Have a Kamikaze Spirit

Ya wanna be a Kamikaze? Mat Bogs tells his story of his big dream to be a first string college running back when all the odds were against him. Too small, not enough muscle, coach turned him down Kundalini  yoga for kids      ...


 2022-06-15  9m

Laughing in the Face of Adversity

Laughter can over come adversity, tragedy, bring a community closer Summer is a time to slow down, give us a mental break.  Everyone is experiencing tragedy upon tragedy in today's world.. This podcast will help you with your mental health...


 2022-06-08  10m

How to Create Your Happy Hormones

YOU CAN PRODUCE THE HAPPY HORMONES 3  Quick’s tips to create Happy Hormones BREATHING … deep breathing down to your belly is like a washing machine- it cleaned your blood, lymph nodes, more oxygen to your BRAIN MUSIC- happy music can change...


 2022-06-01  8m

Change Your Brain Chemistry, Change your Life

Would you rather feel happy, having great days feeling that life is good    or rather nothing goes right for you, everything is negative and dramatic in your life?   YOU CAN PRODUCE THE HAPPY HORMONES   Here are three Quick’s...


 2022-05-25  11m