Webcomics Reviews And Interviews

WCRI is a webcomic podcast devoted to the creation and monetization of webcomics. There are how-to shows on how to create, draw, write, and market webcomics, as well as reviews on webcomics. There are also interview shows with creators, businessmen and others involved with webcomics. In short, if you want to create and make money from webcomics, this is where you start.Note: We broadcast on (https://www.patreon.com/twosparrows) every Wednesday at 6PM PST.https://www.spreaker.com/show/3507573/episodes/feedhttps://vurbl.com/station/87AfMj7qUcp/



Interview With Miles Greb

Interview with Miles Greb, of Clovis and After the Goldrush. His various comics are discussed, as well as his success with Kickstarter. How to find an artist, marketing a comic, and how to run a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding are all covered....


 2018-09-17  37m

Picking A Genre

When it comes to a webcomic defining a genre can be a tricky thing. This podcast explores the various genres and subgenres, and the advantages of picking a genre or even, better yet, combining several genres into one to better market your webcomic....


 2018-09-17  44m

Introduction to Webcomics

Curious how to write for a webcomic, or even a comic in general? This podcast covers the writing, marketing, and even how to get money from your webcomic. The writing looks at plot, character, and setting development. Marketing looks at SEO tricks,...


 2018-09-17  45m