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WCRI is a webcomic podcast devoted to the creation and monetization of webcomics. There are how-to shows on how to create, draw, write, and market webcomics, as well as reviews on webcomics. There are also interview shows with creators, businessmen and others involved with webcomics. In short, if you want to create and make money from webcomics, this is where you start.Note: We broadcast on (https://www.patreon.com/twosparrows) every Wednesday at 6PM PST.https://www.spreaker.com/show/3507573/episodes/feedhttps://vurbl.com/station/87AfMj7qUcp/


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Mything Pieces

Adding a mythos to your comic adds a lot of great things that you can play with and enhance your theme. We look at how to build a mythology for your world, from gods to monsters, and look at how modern celebrities are the deities of the modern world....


 2019-12-13  37m

Stripping It Down

We look at the importance of nudity when it comes to having fun with your characters, from character development to relating to your readers. We look at how stripping away all of the aritifice from your characters can leave them more vulnerable, and...


 2019-12-06  43m

Supercell. Synthetic Life, Android Blues

We review the furry Supercell (https://www.supercellcomic.com (4/5/5/4.7)), the speculative Synthetic Life (http://www.slwebcomic.com/ (3/3/4/3.3)), and the cyberpunk Android Blues (https://www.theduckwebcomics.com/Android_Blues/ (4/4/3/3.7))....


 2019-11-30  45m

Interview with Kathe Todd

Today's interview is with Kathe Todd, fantasy author and owner of Rip Off Press. We discuss the basic history of comix, how the Big Boys affected the Little Boys, and how developments in both the real world and comics world affected the indy comics...


 2019-11-13  52m

What They Wear

Character designs can be hard. We look at how different materials can hep define characters, as well as add to plot elements such as themes as foreshadowing. We also look at how tight a character's clothes defines their confidence, and why naked...


 2019-11-07  45m

Critics Suck

Critics don't always get it right. We look at why there's a difference between what critics, artists, and everyone else are looking for in a particular. I also look at why critics should avoid genres they don't like, shouldn't charge for reviews, and...


 2019-10-30  48m

Camera Shots for the Comic Artist

Comic artists tend to over-use the same basic medium and close shots. We look at expanding that a little bit by looking at how camera shots can be used in comics as well as some advanced concepts. ranging from insert shots to zoom-in/zoom-out...


 2019-10-27  45m

Interview with Arlen Schumer

Interview with Arlen Schumer, pop historian and illustrator. We discuss the Twilight Zone's effect on pop culture, Scorsese issues with superhero movies, and generally have fun with a number of side topics. An unedited version is available at the...


 2019-10-21  1h2m

Artist Grab Bag

One of the problems a lot of comics have is limited consistency: They just aren't drawn in the same manner every time. That is, vehicles, bases, even uniforms are drawn different each time. As this creates readership issues, it's something that needs...


 2019-10-15  44m

Interview with King Taylor

We discuss his upcoming comic Jarhead, a supernatural/military comic. Besides his comic, the role of black writers, some of his interview issues, and why we need more black representation in comics and movies is discussed. Note: A longer, more...


 2019-10-10  48m