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A new topic every episode dealing with the Unexplainable, Paranormal, Extra-terrestrial, Spiritual, Scientific, Mysterious and more. Bob, Tiss & Beef talk the strange and unexplained. We would love to hear from you, so send your own stories to - Also, visit the official website at - See for privacy and opt-out information.

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episode 148: #148 - Tissington Family Tales

In this special episodes Tiss interviews his mum about her experiences with ghosts, seances and psychic mediums, and his dad about his own spooky encounters.Contact us at - and visit the website at - weirdtalesandtheunexplaina...


 2020-12-01  50m

episode 147: #147 - Halloween Barnstormer 2020

We trade the campfire for an old barn this year, and gather around the grain, with the sounds of rats and rain.Tiss brings some Weird News, Beef invokes memories of The X-Files, and Bob shares personal medical encounters as well as recounting his visi...


 2020-10-30  1h5m

episode 146: #146 - Black Eyed Kids (Weird Tales Revisited)

Originally mentioned briefly way back on WTATU#1 -Bob and Rick dig deep to find any credible information regarding those Black Eyed Children.Is reporter Brian Bethel the first to experience (or invent) this phenomena, or does it go back to the 1980s i...


 2020-10-27  46m

episode 145: #145 - HELL!

We take a trip to the afterlife to talk about 'Doom Paintings', Dante's Inferno, Heaven, Hell & Purgatory. Beef tries to hold the episode together as it threatens to crumble beneath him with some T***p talk, and Bob and Tiss disagree...


 2020-10-13  1h42m

#144 - MKUltra

Tiss leads an episode that looks at government mind control through the MKUltra experiments, including some patients from Montreal's Allan Memorial Institute, as well as getting a bit blue by talking about Project Midnight Climax.Youtube clips fr...


 2020-09-28  1h35m

#143 - Haunted Dolls

Prompted by an Annabelle update, we explore 6 other renowned haunted dolls; Robert, Mandy, Ruby, Charley, Letta, and Okiku, and search for more on eBay.Contact us at - and visit the website at - weirdtalesandtheunexplainable.c...


 2020-09-15  1h25m

#142 - The Ego.

It's a discussion episode! Bob, Beef, Tiss and guest James talk about The Ego, and all that is related to it, including society, morals, selfishness, racism, division... this one is heavy.(apologies for sound issues on this one)Contact us at - u...


 2020-09-01  2h0m

episode 141: #141 - Cattle Mutilations (Weird Tales Revisited)

Bob and Rick revisit the phenomena of Cattle Mutilations, discussing the possibilities of what they are, a few nasty examples, and the secret 13th report from Project Grudge. Warning: This is a grisly one!Contact us at - and ...


 2020-07-27  42m

episode 140: #140 - Prophecy

Our longest episode so far brings back a topic we've been wanting to cover since year one, as part of our 'Fate' series. Beef hosts an episode that features Bob and Tiss getting their own prophetic readings from special guests Becky and...


 2020-07-14  2h19m

#139 - Men in Black

Tiss hosts a very fun episode about the MiB, as well as King Herod, Tommy Lee Jones, Jaws vs Oddjob, Frank Butcher, foot cramps and other tangents.Contact us at - and visit the website at - weirdtalesandtheunexplainable.comBu...


 2020-06-30  1h34m