We are a group of people that believe in the "Village" mentality of it takes many to raise one child! We believe that comedy and love are what's missing from today's family and in our own way we are doing our absolute best to bring it back! Some shows will be for children and some shows will be for adults ONLY! Regardless give us a listen and you won't be disappointed!



Welcome2theVillage: POLY WHAT? Black people don't do that!!!

What's going on Village! This week in the Village discuss polyamory and what it means to African ...


 2015-09-17  1h29m

Welcome2theVillage: Bernie v. Hillary and BLM v. ALM

What's going on Village! This week we discuss Bernie Sanders v. Hillary Clinton and BLM v. ALM!!!...


 2015-08-27  1h12m

Welcome2theVillage with Dr. George Wallace!!!!

What's going on Village! Usually we do a Kid's Corner for Monday's show but I had to put this one...


 2015-03-30  59m