West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church

West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church of Rocky River, Ohio exists to help people live lives of meaning and purpose. Unitarian Universalists believe that this life is sacred and that justice and compassion must be the foundation of our thoughts and deeds. Our focus in not on the afterlife, but on how we can make the life each of us is given to be more rich, meaningful and helpful for our own and for future generations. Please visit us at wsuuc.org for more information. Thanks for listening!


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episode 212: Youth Service: Growth in a Community

by West Shore Youth Group, Worship Leaders Once every year our youth prepare and deliver a Sunday morning service for the congregation. The services provided by the youth are typically heartfelt, engaging, and inspiring. This year’s service is on the th...



episode 211: The Gospel of Neuro-plasticity

by Reverend Anthony Makar and Christine Salontay, Worship Associate Feeling like you belong is a two-way street. Part of it has to do with how others treat you—whether they are being invitational and hospitable. But an equally important part of feeling...



episode 210: Love Me in My Shame

by Reverend Anthony Makar and Elizabeth Gerencser, Worship Associate The experience of shame is so intense that often the result is lashing out at the very person whose love we crave. But what would it mean to allow another to love us in our shame? Wha...



episode 209: Courage

by Reverend Anthony Makar and Marty Blachly-Cross , Worship Associate Courage is key. Maya Angelou calls it the “the most important of the virtues because without courage you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.” As for Winston Churchill, he s...



episode 208: Lessons In Leadership: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

by Reverend Anthony Makar and Jeff Modzelewski, Worship Associate When we lose touch with our heroes’ stories, we lose touch with our own powers and potentialities. We hear a call to leadership, but our response can be, Who, me? Yet the message of the ...


 2020-01-19  45m

episode 207: The Power of We

by Reverend Anthony Makar and Ryan Rosu, Worship Associate Hearts hunger to be a part of Beloved Community, which is a place where people feel enlivened and vital and loved. So what’s involved in creating Beloved Community, and then sustaining it? How ...


 2020-01-12  46m

episode 206: The State of Our Justice Union: Looking Back a Little To Move Forward

by Reverend Chris Long and Judy Montgomery, Worship Associate West Shore is known throughout Greater Cleveland for its justice-making. The work that our congregational Task Forces and our Social Action Committee continues to do, with a few highly dedic...


 2020-01-05  53m

episode 205: Christmas by the Book: A Selection of Holiday Readings

by Martha Blachly-Cross and Ryan Rosu, Worship Leaders Vicki Warden, Worship Associate For the shortest, darkest weeks of the year, human beings have, from the beginnings of time, created festivals of light to brighten their days. Christmas, Hanukkah, ...


 2019-12-29  38m

episode 204: Dear Mary: Letter to the Mother of Jesus

by Reverend Anthony Makar and Gerry Meader, Worship Associate The Christmas Story involves any number of fascinating figures: Joseph and Mary, the wise men, the animals in the stable, the angels, King Herod, and so on. There’s more to each than meets t...


 2019-12-22  41m

episode 203: The Spirituality of Money

by Reverend Anthony Makar and Vicki Warden, Worship Associate What do spirituality and money have to do with each other? Everything! Come and find out about how we might relate to money (and talk about it!) in healthier ways.


 2019-12-08  n/a