West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church

West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church of Rocky River, Ohio exists to help people live lives of meaning and purpose. Unitarian Universalists believe that this life is sacred and that justice and compassion must be the foundation of our thoughts and deeds. Our focus in not on the afterlife, but on how we can make the life each of us is given to be more rich, meaningful and helpful for our own and for future generations. Please visit us at wsuuc.org for more information. Thanks for listening!


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episode 205: Christmas by the Book: A Selection of Holiday Readings

by Martha Blachly-Cross and Ryan Rosu, Worship Leaders Vicki Warden, Worship Associate For the shortest, darkest weeks of the year, human beings have, from the beginnings of time, created festivals of light to brighten their days. Christmas, Hanukkah, ...


 2019-12-29  38m

episode 204: Dear Mary: Letter to the Mother of Jesus

by Reverend Anthony Makar and Gerry Meader, Worship Associate The Christmas Story involves any number of fascinating figures: Joseph and Mary, the wise men, the animals in the stable, the angels, King Herod, and so on. There’s more to each than meets t...


 2019-12-22  41m

episode 203: The Spirituality of Money

by Reverend Anthony Makar and Vicki Warden, Worship Associate What do spirituality and money have to do with each other? Everything! Come and find out about how we might relate to money (and talk about it!) in healthier ways.


 2019-12-08  n/a

episode 202: Live to the Point of Tears

by Reverend Anthony Makar and Michael Miller, Worship Associates Religions around the world honor the gift of tears and have found ways to ritualize it. During the Passover Seder, when Jews remember their escape from Egypt, they bring salt water to the...


 2019-12-01  58m

episode 200: How Many Days to America?

by Reverend Anthony Makar, Judy Montgomery and Ryan Rosu, Worship Associates In this time of unprecedented migration all around the world, what does it mean to find home? This Sunday we invite people of all ages to experience a powerful Thanksgiving s...


 2019-11-24  35m

episode 198: Building a New Way

by Reverend Michelle Ma and Gerry Meader, Worship Associate Unitarian Universalists talk a lot about "living our values" and "building a beloved community.” West Shore strives to be a radically inclusive, multicultural, anti-oppressive community, and s...


 2019-11-17  31m

episode 197: Is All Hope Lost?

by Reverend Anthony Makar and Ryan Rosu, Worship Associate This past September, Jonathan Franzen wrote an article in The New Yorker entitled, “What If We Stopped Pretending?” His essential argument was that the destruction of the plan-et by human-induc...


 2019-11-10  42m

episode 196: Showing Up as Wonderful: Letter to Wonder Woman

by Reverend Anthony Makar and Worship Leader Elizabeth Gerenscer Wonder Woman is a comic book superhero whose story inspires people of all ages. An essential part of this story is her struggle to come into her power and to be powerfully herself against...


 2019-11-03  53m

episode 195: Our Universalist Heritage: Entering Paradise in This Life

by Reverend Anthony Makar and Jeff Modzelewski Worship Associate This is the third and last sermon in a series entitled “Our Universalist Heritage." What if I said that Paradise is not lost but already here and now? And that spirituality is about ente...


 2019-10-25  34m

episode 194: The Spirituality of Dementia from the Inside-Out and Upside-Down

by Kathy Strawser and Marty Blachly-Cross Worship Associate The Very Reverend Tracey Lind and Emily Ingalls Guest Speakers In 2017, the Very Reverend Tracey Lind stepped down as Dean of Cleveland's Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, following a diagnosis...


 2019-10-20  41m