Western Civ

A fast-moving history of the western world from the ancient world to the present day. Examine how the emergence of the western world as a global dominant power was not something that should ever have been taken for granted. This podcast traces the development of western civilization starting in the ancient Near East, through Greece and Rome, past the collapse of the Western Roman Empire into the Dark Ages, and then follows European and, ultimately, American history as the western world moved into a dominant world position.


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episode 163: A Not-So-Happy Homecoming

Columbus returns to Spain in chains only to have his fortunes reverse once more and set sail on his third voyage. Check out our website for more content at westerncivpodcast.com Become a Patron today and support the show for only $1.00 per month. For...



episode 162: Roldan's Revolt

Christopher Columbus's shaky hold on Hispaniola finally breaks apart. Now, with India still nowhere to be found and with ever-dwindling supplies of gold, Columbus has to deal with a revolt by the very mayor of Santo Domingo.  Check out our...



episode 161: Blood in a Virgin World

Columbus's efforts to capitalize on the New World quickly turns exploitive, disgusting Las Casas. When an Inquisitor from Spain arrives to investigate his conduct, Columbus finds he has no choice but to return to Spain and defend himself. Check out...



episode 160: There and Back Again

Columbus crosses the Atlantic Ocean a second time, this time intent upon founding a series of colonies to build the wealth of Spain (and himself) in the New World. He quickly determines that is much more difficult than it seems.  Check out our...



episode 159: Lost

After a shipwreck destroys the Santa Maria, Columbus must somehow figure out how to get back to Spain with only two ships remaining.  Check out more at westerncivpodcast.com Become a Patron today for bonus content at patreon.com/westerncivpodcast



episode 158: Discovery

In 1492 Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Well, we made it. In this episode the Northern and Southern Americas enter our story as Columbus lands in the Bahamas, changing the world forever.  Check out westerncivpodcast.com for more...


 2021-06-18  33m

episode 157: Son of Genoa

Christopher Columbus. The name itself conjures up so many different images. But how much of this son of Genoa do you really know? When the Spanish monarchs agreed to send three caravels across the Atlantic, did they have any idea what they had begun?...


 2021-06-11  32m

episode 156: Episode 156: Henry the Navigator

There is perhaps no person who is less known today but more important to the Age of Discovery than Henry the Navigator. In thirty years he took an un-sailable ocean and turned it into a thoroughfare. His exploits gave Portugal unfettered access to the...


 2021-06-04  1h33m

Preview: The Search For Atlantis (Part Two)

A quick preview of my second installment to our Atlantis series: The Search For Atlantis: What We Know. In this episode, we cover Plato's dialogues and the Bronze Age Eastern Mediterranean. For those interested in purchasing the full episode, it is...


 2021-05-28  24m

The Russian Revolution

A quick preview of my Russian Revolution deep-dive for those who cannot wait for the podcast to get there (in approximately 2045).  Check it out at: westerncivpodcast.com or for Patrons at patreon.com/westerncivpodcast


 2021-05-21  59m