Western Civ

A fast-moving history of the western world from the ancient world to the present day. Examine how the emergence of the western world as a global dominant power was not something that should ever have been taken for granted. This podcast traces the development of western civilization starting in the ancient Near East, through Greece and Rome, past the collapse of the Western Roman Empire into the Dark Ages, and then follows European and, ultimately, American history as the western world moved into a dominant world position.


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episode 118: First Blood

We resume our narrative proper and take up the story of the Black Death in this episode. Now, the Black Death finally arrives in Europe in 1347 via, according to some truth and a lot of legend, the Genoese traders of Caffa on the Black Sea. 



episode 117: The Conditions of a Pandemic

In this final introductory episode to the Black Death, we consider the ecological factors that made Europe especially susceptible to plague in the Fourteenth Century. 



episode 116: The Science of Death

In this episode, we begin our Black Death narrative arc with a look at the plague itself. We will cover what causes the plague and what made the Black Death so destructive in Medieval Europe. 


 2019-12-20  34m

Europe on the Eve of the Black Death

In this supplemental episode, we take a whirlwind tour of Europe at roughly the year 1350, when the plague will begin to hit Europe. We cover quickly which kingdoms were where and who was rising or declining. Then, we take stock of the huge period of...


 2019-12-06  22m

episode 115: The Favorite

In this episode we follow the hapless reign of King Edward II of England. King Edward would find himself dominated by one court favorite after another starting with the infamous Piers Gaveston until finally he is simply removed from power in favor of...


 2019-11-22  34m

episode 114: Edward Longshanks and Philip the Fair

In this episode we continue our look at the High Medieval period in France and England. When we last left off, the deaths of two Kings, Henry II in England and Louis IX in France, left new kings in power. In this episode we will watch as Philip of...


 2019-11-08  51m

episode 113: Henry III

As the title suggests, we are heading back to western Europe for this episode. When we last left England, King John had died in the midst of a civil war. Now, the young Henry III was King of England. In this episode we follow his turbulent reign as...


 2019-10-25  37m

episode 112: All That Remains

In this episode we head back to 1204 and pick up the narrative of the Byzantine Empire after the sack of Constantinople by the Fourth Crusade. The sack of Constantinople leads to a crusader/Venetian coalition in charge of what had once been the...


 2019-10-11  37m

episode 111: The Last Crusade

In this episode we see the Mamluks bring the crusader states to their final end and the end of the crusading epoch in Europe. Then, I do my level best to break down the importance of the crusades to European history and Western Civ.


 2019-09-27  28m

episode 110: Pax Mongolica

In this episode we conclude our brief Mongol storyline. We cover how the Mongol Empire transitions from one global empire to several, massive nation-states. We will also see how the Mongols successfully transition from warriors to managers. Finally,...


 2019-09-13  51m