What a Hell of a Way to Die

What a Hell of a Way to Die is a left-wing military and veteran podcast hosted by Nate and Francis, two extremely online combat veterans. Join us to hear discussion of veterans issues, defense news, and military culture — all from a lefty perspective.


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DadChat: Mclusky Does Missouri

It’s another DadChat featuring Nate and Francis discussing what the hell it is that makes people get so excited about Branson, Missouri–and much more. We really hope you enjoy!  *SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT* We now have a storefront to sell the...



DadChat: Pissing Hot with Eugene Debs

Nate and Francis finally managed to meet in person after over six years of podcasting together. And they met at the Eugene V. Debs museum in Terre Haute, Indiana. This episode describes that meeting, and a discussion of the military’s system for...



The Pat Donohoe Burn Book feat. Davis Winkie

This week, Francis speaks with Army Times reporter Davis Winkie () about a recent feature he published on the topic of the Army’s social media policies, an Army general who was extremely online, and the strange investigation–or vendetta, if you...



Special Forces Dragnet: Bad Times at Fort Bragg feat. Jack Murphy

This week, Francis speaks with Jack Murphy () of the Team House Podcast about the recent Army Criminal Investigation Division investigations at Fort Bragg. Over a dozen Special Forces soldiers have been questioned in a probe of human trafficking, drug...



DadChat: Toilet Trouble

This week, Nate and Francis convene for a DadChat, discussing the perils of home ownership, how to replace the wax ring on a toilet, why landlords do the worst possible maintenance, the strange fate of Cobra Tate, and much more. We hope you enjoy this...



Canaries, Coalmines, Things of That Nature feat. Joe Kassabian and Ross Palethorpe

This week, Nate and Joe are in-studio together for the first time in history, and they’ve brought in friend of the show and trauma therapist Ross Palethorpe (@rossthesedays) to discuss the universal right-wing tendency to howl and cry about gender....


 2022-12-23  59m

The US Army: Anti-Gaming? feat. Steve Beynon

This week, Francis speaks with Military dot com reporter Steve Beynon about the U.S. Army ending its relationship with Activision Blizzard and sponsorship of Call of Duty. While we would like to say that the Army is doing this because its realized it...


 2022-12-15  44m

Gassed Up at Fort Carson feat. Nicholas Slayton

This week, Francis speaks with Task and Purpose contributing editor Nicholas Slayton () about trench warfare in Ukraine and the recent story where thousands of soldiers at Fort Carson, Colorado were ‘accidentally’ teargassed during a...


 2022-12-08  42m

DadChat: Down Under

This week, Nate and Francis discuss Nate’s recent trip to Australia and New Zealand while touring with his other podcast, Trashfuture. And also the degree to which we still can’t wrap our heads around the ways in which talking into a microphone...


 2022-12-01  57m

Printing a Revolution

This week Francis talks with investigative journalist James Stout about the prevelance of 3D printed guns in the hands of revolutinaties fighting against the oppressive and genocidal military government of Myanmar. James met with the many of the young...


 2022-11-17  59m