What a Hell of a Way to Die

What a Hell of a Way to Die is a left-wing military and veteran podcast hosted by Nate and Francis, two extremely online combat veterans. Join us to hear discussion of veterans issues, defense news, and military culture — all from a lefty perspective.


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America’s Human Trafficking Governor feat. Ken Klippenstein

This week, Francis speaks with investigative reporter and friend of the show Ken Klippenstein about a recent story that he’s covered: the fact that the governor of Florida duped a bunch of migrants with a promise of job skills training and instead...



Black Mold Is A Character Flaw feat. Steve Beynon

For this week's free episode, Francis speaks with Military.com reporter Steve Beynon discusses a new program that lets soldiers pick their duty stations as enlistment incentives. They also talk about terrible conditions in Army barracks, the fact that...



DadChat: Military Songs Edition

This is an entire episode of DadChat! Just in case you’re wondering when we get to the point. This week, Nate and Francis talk about the Space Force’s official new song, the tendency of the military to require singing at formation in general, and...



No More Free Chest Candy feat. Davis Winkie

For years, the Army has issued everyone who enlists with a medal for ostensible service in the Global War on Terror. Now, that war isn’t technically over–we still have troops deployed to Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere in the Middle East, North Africa,...



We Seem to Have Misplaced Fat Leonard

This week, Francis and Nate discuss the recent disappearance of Fat Leonard, a comedic figure of Navy bribery and corruption who managed to skip bail 3 weeks before he was due for sentencing. Which was easy, since he was living in a mansion while...



Supporting the VA, Detoxifying Veterans feat. Jasper Craven

This week, Francis speaks with reporter Jasper Craven about the current state of the Department of Veteran Affairs–the fact that future administrations think the overall veteran population will shrink, the fact that veteran culture is in many ways...


 2022-09-01  49m

Welcome to the VA. Would You Like to End Your Life?

Content warning: this episode contains discussion of suicide BritainChat ends at 31:42! In this episode, Nate talks about Britain’s current energy crisis, how things got this bad so quickly (and over the course of 43 years), and how he and Cynthia...


 2022-08-25  58m

DadChat: Influencer Edition

It’s a full episode of DadChat, in which Nate and Francis talk about the futility of trying to stay relevant to rude teens, Jacked Danny Elfman, Britain’s current drought, why it’s much more pleasant when you’re not trying to live like a...


 2022-08-18  1h3m

Good Thing Only Americans Were Exposed to Burn Pits, Right

DadChat ends at 10:45! Nate and Francis discuss the PACT act and the burn pit registry, while trying to pay attention to the fact that the only people eligible for compensation are the people part of the group that did the burning (American military...


 2022-08-11  55m


Nate is back and he joins Francis to discuss a recent article in Task and Purpose about a dress-uniform ribbon apparently becoming a more select award when it used to be given to everyone. So, why the change? Are we finally done with the GWOT? Is the...


 2022-08-04  1h0m