What a Hell of a Way to Die

What a Hell of a Way to Die is a left-wing military and veteran podcast hosted by Nate and Francis, two extremely online combat veterans. Join us to hear discussion of veterans issues, defense news, and military culture — all from a lefty perspective.


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Morale is Low at the DHS / MAGA Office (feat. Ken Klippenstein)

This week, Nate and Francis speak with friend of the show and investigative reporter Ken Klippenstein about the various things he’s got going on: reporting on DHS, reporting on labor law violations, and reporting on people in the military deciding...



DadChat: We Will Not Be Mad Online Anymore

Nate and Francis return to have a DadChat in which we discuss the facts: we’re getting older, we can’t post as hard anymore, and we just don’t want to be mad online. But we’re embracing it, and we have hope for those of you worried about the...



Dogs and Cats First feat. Hussein Kesvani

This week, Nate speaks with Hussein Kesvani, a notable serious journalist and cohost of Trashfuture and 10,000 Posts podcasts, about a recent phenomenon in Britain: the decision to evacuate a bunch of dogs and cats from Afghanistan while leaving...



*UNLOCKED* The Special Psychotic Relationship feat. Alice Caldwell-Kelly

This week, Nate speaks with Alice Caldwell-Kelly () from the podcasts Trashfuture, Well There's Your Problem, and Kill James Bond, about the 2009 Armando Ianucci film IN THE LOOP, in which the British TV series 'The Thick of It' visits the topic of...



Afghanistan and How You Can Help feat. Arash Azizzada

This week, Nate speaks with Afghan-American community organizer Arash Azizzada () about his group Afghans for a Better Tomorrow (, on IG), the work they’re doing to advocate for safe passage for Afghans, ways in which the US government could make...



This Is The End feat. Joe Kassabian

We brought on Joe Kassabian of the Lions Led by Donkeys podcast to discuss the Taliban victory in Afghanistan, and we try to push back against the politicians’ line that the Afghan military didn’t want to fight--and ask call for everyone who can...


 2021-08-19  1h6m

‘Reign of Terror’ and Untrooping feat. Spencer Ackerman

This week, Francis and Nate speak with reporter and author Spencer Ackerman about his new book REIGN OF TERROR, a comprehensive history of the War on Terror. Particularly, we home in on the concept of how the culture war created post-9/11 requires...


 2021-08-12  1h24m

August DadChat: Gardening and Redwall

If you don’t like DadChat then skip this episode! This week, it’s a DadChat with Nate and Francis. We discuss gardening, Francis’ daughter starting her own podcast on her tablet, why libertarianism appealed to middle class white kids in the...


 2021-08-05  58m

The Antifa Olympics feat. James Stout

This week, Nate speaks with reporter, academic, and cyclist James Stout about the history of Antifa. What started as a reaction to European fascism became a movement often cited and rarely understood, but James’s academic research is focused on this...


 2021-07-31  1h12m

At Least We Saved Our Souvenirs

Dadchat/weather discussion until: 0:19 until 14:47 Transphobia in the UK discussion: 14:47 until 23:29 Repatriation of Pat Tillman jersey: 23:30 until end This week we discussed a recent story from Stars and Stripes about the repatriation of...


 2021-07-22  1h7m