What a Hell of a Way to Die

What a Hell of a Way to Die is a left-wing military and veteran podcast hosted by Nate and Francis, two extremely online combat veterans. Join us to hear discussion of veterans issues, defense news, and military culture — all from a lefty perspective.


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Shut Up and Pull Security, Jesus feat. TWOAPW

This week, Nate speaks with Brian (), Josh (), and A.J. () from The Worst of All Possible Worlds (), a podcast by ex-evangelicals that documents case studies in the pop culture of a dying empire. We’re talking how evangelical Christianity views the...


 2022-02-24  1h6m

Getting Rid of Grandpa: the Captain Tom Story

  Nate and Francis discuss the true story of Captain Tom Moore, the World War II veteran who enchanted Britain by walking around his garden to raise money for the state-funded healthcare service that shouldn’t need to receive charitable...


 2022-02-17  59m

The UK’s War in Yemen feat. Sam Asumadu

This week, Nate speaks with Sam Asumadu of Media Diversified () about her recent piece on the UK’s war in Yemen–that is, the ways in which the UK arms industry’s relationship with Saudi Arabia means that arms sales continue no matter what. We...


 2022-02-10  53m

National Guard Substitute Teachers (Not Joking)

DadChat ends at 16:30! This week, Nate and Francis discuss a recent headline about the New Mexico National Guard being called out to serve as substitute teachers due to covid. It turns out it’s a state employee volunteer scheme, but in the course of...


 2022-02-03  1h10m

Island Boys Sing Away Your DUI

Dadchat ends at 17:02! Nate and Francis discuss the strange phenomenon of the Floridian 20-year-old twins named the ‘Island Boys’ who are receiving Cameo requests to make military-specific greetings–to include requesting that the Marine Corps...


 2022-01-27  1h1m

Smedley Butler: Beyond That One Book feat. Jonathan M. Katz

This week, Francis speaks with writer Jonathan M. Katz () about his new book “Gangsters of Capitalism: Smedley Butler, the Marines, and the Making and Breaking of America's Empire.” We learn about Butler’s participation in the Spanish-American...


 2022-01-20  51m

Don’t Drink the Water feat. Haley Britzky

This week, Francis speaks with Task and Purpose reporter Haley Britzky about the water pollution crisis at Joint Base Pearl Harbor in Hawai’i, the ways in which the Navy effectively told its service members and dependents to pound sand, and how the...


 2022-01-13  46m

SEAL Copypastas Against Vaccines

DadChat ends at 15:45! This week, Nate and Francis discuss recent news that a group of Navy SEALs have filed an injunction to get religious exemptions from the DOD’s vaccine mandate (which we argue is funny and also a very bad thing to entertain)....


 2022-01-06  1h7m

*UNLOCKED* How to Dodge The Draft Theatrically

This is an unlocked bonus from earlier this year--we'll return with a new episode next week. Joe and Shocks join Francis to discuss historical instances of draft dodging that involve fleeing into the woods of Alaska, fleeing to Germany, and much more....


 2021-12-30  1h2m

DadChat: Holiday Edition

CONTENT WARNING: Nate discusses having witnessed a situation involving a lot of severe child neglect, which some listeners might find distressing. This segment runs from 9:10 to 15:02. This week, it’s a holiday-themed DadChat in which Nate and...


 2021-12-23  1h0m