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All People Are Free Because God Made Them So

This episode makes a theological argument for the inherent freedom of all human beings: this includes, but is not limited to, freedom of thought, freedom of speech and freedom of choice.A proper biblical understanding of human freedom is necessary cogn...



Repentance is Not Behavior Change (Mark 1:15)

Repentance is not behavior change because biblically speaking, repentance is a change of mind. What you do results from what you think and therefore repentance affects not the symptom (works) but the disease (thinking). Of course,



How to Opt-Out of COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates (the Religious Exemption)

In this practical "how-to" episode, Dr. Sadaphal explains how you can use a religious exemption to opt-out of COVID-19 vaccine mandates at your job or school. He provides three lines of biblical reasoning that may help to support an individual's decisi...


 2021-08-25  9m

Why Modern Judaism is Not Biblical Judaism (John 5:45)

The Judaism of the modern world is a religion separate and distinct from the Judaism of the ancient world, pre-Christ.  The former is an idolatrous faith that rejects Jesus while the latter anticipated the coming Messiah.


 2021-04-14  27m

Special Episode: On the COVID Vaccines (March 2021 Update)

In this special episode of WCSK, Dr. Sadaphal provides an update to the episode that originally aired on December 15th, 2020. Here, he analyzes new information on the COVID vaccines that have accumulated over the past 2-3 months.


 2021-03-17  19m

Fear Not (Matthew 10:28-31; I John 4:18)

Many people today are afraid. They hear messages of fear and are encouraged to fear those around them. This fear is irrational because it is not grounded in reality and trumps faith in the Lord. Fear has even birthed a new faith: the cult of COVID,


 2021-03-10  30m

If God, Why Evil? (Isaiah 45:7)

Since God is good, then how can He allow evil to exist? Since God is sovereign, is it inescapable to conclude that the ultimate cause of evil rests in the Lord? "If God, why evil?" is one the the most difficult questions to wrestle with. Yet,


 2021-02-10  10m

Contra Caesar II: Live Not by Lies (Romans 13:1-7)

Part I searched for a biblical answer to, "When is it permissible for the Christian to disobey civil authorities?" Part II explores why Christians may come to different conclusions as to when (or if) it is biblically permissible for the Christian to ac...


 2021-01-06  51m

How to Find My Calling

WCSK has launched a new biblical counseling ministry called WiseWord that helps people who need help making tough decisions. WiseWord  helps you answer questions like, "How do I find my calling?" So, if you found the general content in this episode...


 2020-12-16  15m

Special Episode: On the COVID Vaccine

In this special episode of WCSK, Dr. Sadaphal provides his medical opinion on the novel COVID-19 vaccine. He cautions listeners who are thinking of getting it because the so-called prevention may be more dangerous than the disease.


 2020-12-15  31m