What Healthy Couples Know That You Don't

Relationships matter. Do you want to know the nitty gritty of what makes a relationship work? Get your answers to relationship questions. Learn how to keep respect alive & well, because lack of respect is why people get divorced.  Learn what builds trust & how to recover from infidelity, drama or codependency. Advice from psychotherapist Rhoda Sommer based on over 35 years of working with couples. www.therapyideas.net


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Relationships Require We Recongnize Our Own Dark Side

If you recognize your own dark side you will be a better candidate for love & relationships. It’s important to recognize our part in problems instead of taking comfort in blame.


 2016-02-01  8m

We All Want a Relationship with a Clone

Deep down we all want people to be like ourselves, then it would be oh, so much easier. Love can easily disintegrate into this unspoken demand that you should be more like me.


 2016-01-10  7m

#15 How to Approach Problems in a Relationship

How do you approach hard topics in a relationship? You will learn 4 specific ways to communicate about problems. It’s important to dialogue not have parallel monologues.


 2015-12-29  15m

Obsessive Partners Can Be Annoying in Relationships

Obsessiveness can crowd & suffocate the other partner. Obsessiveness is because of anxiety. Obsessive people can be full of “shoulds” & being correct which can lead to self-righteousness.


 2015-11-30  10m

Emotional Truths Revealed In The Affair on Showtime

Season 2 of The Affair on Showtime is rich with the emotional truths about the delicate & complicated dance of connections & disconnections in relationships.


 2015-11-05  13m

Relationships After Addictions Recovery

Relationships disintegrate too often after recovery from addictions. Learn how to avoid triggering shame in the partner in recovery to have greater success.


 2015-10-20  9m

Manipulation & The Drama Triangle Part 2

Drama triangles are often a source of manipulation in relationships. If you want to be loved no matter what or prevent disagreement then you are manipulating.


 2015-10-02  9m

Manipulation & Relationships Part 1

Manipulation requires both the manipulated & the manipulator. Both play their part. Listen to understand the dynamics of emotional manipulation since everybody manipulates to get what they want.


 2015-09-15  8m

Communication & Connection Part 2

Communication builds on trust. Avoiding important conversations evaporates trust. Trust builds on Truth.


 2015-08-30  8m

Communication, want to Fix it?

What lies underneath communication problems are power struggles. Someone has to win, someone has to lose.


 2015-08-11  7m