What If World - Stories for Kids

What if a tiny dragon lived in my closet? What if there were a never-ending bowl of ice cream? What if cats ruled the world? Pirates, fairies, wizards, robots and more band together to help Mr. Eric tell wacky stories inspired by kids’ questions. Mr. Eric believes that curiosity and hope go hand in hand. Children who keep wondering can thrive when faced with new ideas and challenges. What If World’s progressive stories aim to keep kids laughing and learning well into adulthood. Call-in a what if question to 205-605-WHAT or email an audio recording to whatifworldpodcast@gmail.com!


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episode 253: Alex asks: What if a dog tooth became a house?

Make way for a true Monarch among butterflies as she tries to find a home for her great big family to live in the city. Can Peter the Realtor help?

Lessons include: getting older means new freedoms and new responsibilities; growing cities need shared green spaces; frisbee golf is a great alternative to golf if want to play a challenging game at a city park

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episode 252: What if cat hairballs turned into lion monsters?

How does JFKat end up leading a team of giant hairballs to the Little League championships? Presumably, it involves lots of naps…

Lessons include: winning without work doesn’t help us grow; healthy competition can teach resilience and cooperation

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episode 51: Mary Had a Little Yes And (Dorktales Storytime #51)

We're so happy to be bringing you a story that Mr. Eric told along with our friend Jonathan Cormur on his podcast, Dorktales Storytime. Normally, we replay an old favorite once a month, so I hope you all enjoy this rare treat!

Dorktales Storytime, hosted by voice actor Jonathan Cormur, is a podcast featuring slightly wacky and very geeky retellings of classic fairy tales with social-emotional lessons and the untold stories about the hidden heroes of history...



episode 251: Abacus’s Day Off

With the Observatorium closed for the summer, Abacus wants nothing more than to get out into his garden. Of course, sugar rain, cake clouds, and time traveling heroes aren’t going to make it easy on him.

Lessons include: We all need time to tend our own gardens (AKA take care of ourselves); a good friend will respect your boundaries...



episode 250: What if cats sneezed out bunny rabbits? (with Porter Mason)

JFKat wants to make a comic strip, so naturally he goes to the home of comic artist Porter Mason. Porter is a wonderful artist, improviser, and parent, but will he be able to handle JFKat’s bunny-branded allergies?

Lessons include: creativity comes in many forms; group projects take a lot of teamwork and listening (and sometimes a lot of messes).

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episode 249: What if dogs lived in hairbrush trees?

Zach and Zizi find a rare hair brush pine, and they set out to find the fabled cloud dogs who are said to live at the top. Will they make it to the top? Can they stay safe climbing one of the tallest trees in What If World? We’ll see!

Lessons include: When working toward a goal, it’s okay to reassess as you go. Ask yourself (1.) if it’s important, (2.) if it’s achievable, and (3.) how you feel about it...


 2022-07-11  20m

episode 129: What if you turned your parents into tomatoes?

Have you ever wanted to know what the “P” in Abacus P. Grumbler stands for? You can finally find out in this week’s magical outer-space adventure!

Lessons include: It’s okay for boys to be pretty and like pretty things; your family will always lovely you, even if the shape of that family changes.

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 2022-07-04  24m

episode 248: What if “The Beatles” were actual beetles?

Pixicato sneaks out to a concert using a newly discovered magic, but then everything starts going wrong. Can she get her magic under control, or will she put her new bug friends in danger?

Lessons include: Your grownups always want to hear about your life, mistakes and all; trust can be built (and rebuilt!) as long as both sides put in the work.

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 2022-06-27  26m

episode 247: An Interview with Pipey-O

What happens when your favorite sewer wizard gets his magic wrench wand chewed on by Fred the Dog? Why don’t we ask him! Wizards, pirates, and dragon-turtle-dogs come along for the ride in this story told through your interview questions. Lessons include: it takes time and effort to discover our purpose in life; sometimes we need to give criticism a rest and just be there for our loved ones...


 2022-06-20  18m

episode 246: What if flowers grew in play-dough?

Fred the Dog is shooting his new reality show, “inFredible!”, and special guest Chamomile, the famous giant sculptor, is the show’s first guest. Will fanboy Abacus P. Grumbler let her focus on her art, or will his magic make more trouble for everyone?

Lessons include: Fighting to stay awake almost always makes for bigger problems down the road; you’ve got to be your own biggest advocate sometimes, or others may not realize they’re ignoring your needs...


 2022-06-13  17m