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What if a tiny dragon lived in my closet? What if there were a never-ending bowl of ice cream? What if cats ruled the world? Pirates, fairies, wizards, robots and more band together to help Mr. Eric tell wacky stories inspired by kids’ questions. Mr. Eric believes that curiosity and hope go hand in hand. Children who keep wondering can thrive when faced with new ideas and challenges. What If World’s progressive stories aim to keep kids laughing and learning well into adulthood. Call-in a what if question to 205-605-WHAT or email an audio recording to whatifworldpodcast@gmail.com!


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episode 87: What if houses were made of blueberry muffins?

A story for the origins! Go back to a time before Zack was even born, when Mamma Jamma, Papa Loo, and Zizi rented their first house. Sure the house is a blueberry muffin, but surely no one will try to eat it, right?

Lessons include: quick fixes and violent solutions just lead to more problems; real change takes time, effort, and an open mind.

This episode originally aired July 30th, 2018...


 2022-03-28  21m

episode 237: What if my cat, Dr. Jack Murphy PhD, had to tell the story?

Mr. Eric succumbs to Ghostcatsination! Fortunately, Jojo Fluffy Cat, Fred the Dog, and Dr. Jack Murphy PhD, cat therapist, are there to help!

Lessons include: Taking a break from screens and devices is important for kids and grown-ups alike; we all need to accept help from our friends and family sometimes.

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 2022-03-21  16m

episode 236: What if Cthunkle teamed up with a psychic cobra?

When Cthunkle and Fred are searching for the perfect Ain’t Bad Tricks Day gift, magical snakes start appearing and making it much more difficult.

Lessons include: Gifts should reflect your friend’s interests and passions, not just your own; give gifts for the joy of it, not to get something in return

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 2022-03-14  23m

episode 235: What if you got captured by Ninja Trolls?

It’s the 605th annual Troll Roll Troll Bowl, and non-trolls are being allowed to play for the first time! And by allowed, we mean forced…

Lessons include: With a little creativity, we can modify a game or sport so that all our friends are able to play safe and have fun.

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 2022-03-07  20m

episode 4: What if robots could turn into dragons? (Remastered)

Let’s take a trip back in time to the origins of Randall Radbot and Dracomax as we answer the age old question: "What if robots could turn into dragons?"

Lessons include: It’s important to ask for help when you need it.

This story has been fully remastered, with improved sound quality and effects. The original episode aired October 17th, 2016...


 2022-02-28  20m

episode 234: What if Mr. Eric interviewed Harrigo the Tree?

This interview has everything: a Grandma full of caramel, a litigious spider, a ska band made of wind, and the chocolate-loving tree who brings them all together.

Lessons include: The forest, and all communities, are happiest and healthiest when we all look out for each other.

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 2022-02-21  18m

episode 233: What if Fred the Dog fell in love?

Fred the Dog has his very first crush, but he’s got a lot to learn about how to express his feelings. Can Fair Elise, JFKat, and Cleocatra help him find his way?

Lessons include: Even friends and family need space some time; if someone wants to be left alone, we should respect their wishes; sometimes our feelings can be much louder than our thoughts, and it’s important to take time to listen to both...


 2022-02-14  23m

episode 232: What if it started raining elephants?

Everyone’s stuck inside ever since elephants started falling from the sky. Can Abacus save the day with an online magic class? It could happen!

Lessons include: Are emotions can feel like too much, especially when we don’t deal with them one at a time; what seems like magic to us is usually the result of a lot of hard work...


 2022-02-07  21m

episode 116: What if Fred licked the Internet?

Fred and Pipey-O team up to rebuild the What House… after Fred chewed the whole house to pieces! Will an Internet What House be able to replace the real thing?

Lessons include: Video games cannot replace the real world; if your current approach to a project isn’t working, it might be time to try something else.

This episode originally aired March 18th, 2019...


 2022-01-31  19m

episode 76: What if cheetahs could jump the sky and never fall down?

Chentle is the fastest of all the cheetahs, but she also wants to be the best climber of all the ninjas and the best flyer of all the rocket ship houses. Can she be the best at everything, and will she be happy when she leaves everyone else in her dust?

Lessons include: being more talented or privileged than others doesn’t make you better than them; no individual, no matter how exceptional, is better than a community of well-rounded people...


 2022-01-24  14m