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What if a tiny dragon lived in my closet? What if there were a never-ending bowl of ice cream? What if cats ruled the world? Pirates, fairies, wizards, robots and more band together to help Mr. Eric tell wacky stories inspired by kids’ questions. Mr. Eric believes that curiosity and hope go hand in hand. Children who keep wondering can thrive when faced with new ideas and challenges. What If World’s progressive stories aim to keep kids laughing and learning well into adulthood. Call-in a what if question to 205-605-WHAT or email an audio recording to whatifworldpodcast@gmail.com!


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episode 16: What if dogs never grew up? (Remastered)

If you've ever owned a puppy, you've asked yourself this question: what if dogs never grew? When the young Howdy Pooch meets a senior dog at the park and learns about growing up, he decides to dig his way to No No Land and stay a puppy forever!

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 2020-11-02  24m

episode 43: What if a wizard turned me into a lion?

When Charlie, Carson, and Farmer Cobb lend a hand to the hapless wizard, Abacus P. Grumbler, he promises them each a magical gift in return. But the old sorcerer can rarely get one spell right, let alone three!

Lessons include:  how to show kindness to those in need, and to accept changes (even challenging ones)

This episode originally aired 8/21/2017...


 2021-06-21  20m

episode 52: What if the sorting hat started saying random words instead of houses?

Long ago in 2001, when Abacus first opened his magical school, many of his students begged to be sorted. But when Abacus conjures a Sorta Hat to do the job, his magic is as unreliable as ever…

Lessons include: labeling people is a recipe for cruelty; grownups and professionals have feelings, too.

This episode originally aired November 6th, 2017...


 2021-09-13  20m

episode 58: Shark Wars: Part 2

This week, we return to a time when the Uni Order sought to quell the Refishtance once and for all. Get ready for another round of bad puns as Mr. Eric takes on one of his favorite subjects: Shark Wars.

Lessons include: Peace without freedom isn’t all that peaceful; our differences are important and with them we can make each other stronger.

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 2020-11-30  18m

episode 61: What if Abacus and JFKat switched minds?

Two of your favorite characters team up this week… or at least they would if they could learn to get along. After a classic magic milkshake mix-up, the kitty president and hapless wizard will have to learn to listen if they ever want to change back.

Lessons include: you shouldn’t have to mistreat one friend in order to make another happy; good listening doesn’t mean tuning the rest of the world out.

This episode originally aired January 22, 2018...


 2021-01-25  21m

episode 67: What if puppies had laser eyes and could fly?

Remember when all you wanted was a flying laser puppy and your mom said “You’ll blow our roof off!” Let’s see if the old adage is true.

Lessons include: parents may seem unfair, but they’ll do anything to protect us; lasers are better off left to make believe

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 2021-03-29  16m

episode 77: What if parents went to school and kids went to work? (w/ Rhea Pechter)

Mr. Eric teams up with Rhea Pechter of Little Stories for Tiny People this week. Fair Elise and Pixacato are fed up with work and school, respectively...


 2021-04-26  16m

episode 84: What if your pets got sent to What If World?

Lots of characters to meet this week, as Ginger the Loyal and Otis the Aloofest visit What If World and meet Hungry Bungry! Can the misplaced pets get back to What Is World, or will the Oopstone trap them forever?!

Lessons include: good rules are made by people who understand their mistakes, and want to keep you from having to repeat them; pollution is a problem we can only solve together!

This episode originally aired July 9th, 2018...


 2021-07-19  21m

episode 92: What if donuts came to life?

The hardest part of making a donut might be picking out its toppings. Why not let the donut pick for itself? Existential crisis, that’s why ;)

Lessons include: You may change your appearance, but people are going to have a hard time liking you until you like yourself; finding your path is difficult for everyone, but it’s okay to accept help along the way.

This episode originally aired September 3rd, 2018...


 2021-05-24  16m

episode 96: What if a space monster ate a spaceship?

It’s the year 20,018, and Alabaster Infinity has to team up with Dr. Whendiana Joan to find a new galaxy to inhabit. But when their RocCat Ship is set upon by monsters of many colors, can the intrepid crew survive?

Lessons include: it’s fun to have favorite things, as long as it doesn’t close you off to new experiences; however strange someone’s culture may seem, they are probably still capable (and deserving) of great kindness...


 2021-10-11  20m