What's the Secret?

On the What’s the Secret Podcast, former restaurant manager turned seven-figure entrepreneur Tom Gaddis shares with you the real strategies most gurus won’t tell you about growing a successful business. Discover the steps and strategies he used, to go from being on unemployment to starting and growing his own 7-figure business and helping 50,000 students all over the world. Each season on the podcast Tom dissects one critical key to building a business that helps you create financial security in less time and with less stress. Discover the tools, winning systems and mindset you need to stop stressing about money and start building a fulfilling business to replace your income and more. For more info go to http://tomgaddis.com/


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episode 73: The Mastermind

Are you looking to join a Mastermind? Or maybe you've already been involved with one and looking for more information. Either way, a Mastermind is one of the best tools to quickly grow your business, giving you access to a large audience of other...



episode 72: Super Affiliate John Crestani

Whether you are looking to start or scale your affiliate business, you may be struggling with roadblocks, even lacking clarity on what to do next. If so, then you are going to love what we have for you today.   In today´s episode, I´m going to...



episode 71: 3 Tuesday Afternoon Thoughts

Today's episode is short, sweet, and value-packed with lots of actionable information that you won´t want to miss out on. This Tuesday, I share three thoughts with you that have been life changers for me, that you'll be able to implement in your own...



episode 70: Affiliate Marketing Secrets (Part 4) - The Affiliate Webinar Game

Today's episode is a continuation of the series on Affiliate Marketing Secrets. One of the most profitable and effective ways to scale your business in the online space is to have a Webinar in place. So if you are looking to do an Affiliate Webinar...



episode 69: Affiliate Marketing Secrets (Part 3) - You the Affiliate Marketer

Making money while you sleep. That’s how many people look at affiliate marketing -- an easy way to get huge payouts just by promoting other people’s products. Well, it’s not as simple as that. While affiliate marketing can be a lucrative...


 2021-06-22  22m

episode 68: Affiliate Marketing Secrets (Part 2) - Affiliate Marketing for Your Courses/Products

Today's episode is a continuation of the series on Affiliate Marketing Secrets. After hearing the basics in Part 1, get ready to dive deeper and learn what makes an attractive offer, what percentage you should pay affiliates, how to run contests and...


 2021-06-15  23m

episode 67: Affiliate Marketing Secrets (Part 1) - Affiliate Marketing Intro

The ability to make money online has seduced flocks of people to leave their corporate jobs and pursue the work-from-anywhere lifestyle. Many people who want to follow this path think that affiliate marketing is a surefire way to earn a bunch of money...


 2021-06-08  21m

episode 66: Persuasion Secrets with Kenrick Cleveland

What comes to mind when you hear the word “persuasion”? Whether you're an entrepreneur or not, persuasion is an essential skill to have these days. So how do you get someone to do something he’s not willing to do without using sleazy tactics or...


 2021-06-01  25m

episode 65: Build to Sell with Jeff Herschy

“Build it and sell it for a big payday!“ It’s not rare for an entrepreneur to start a business with the goal to sell it. When the time comes to market your company, what will make it attractive to buyers? How can you be sure you get a fair deal?...


 2021-05-25  26m

episode 64: 6-Figures A Month Paid Ads Secrets with Jason Wojo

Modern-day marketers and entrepreneurs tend to get caught up in the hustle of what every other marketer is doing. The reality is that we cannot do it all.  So how do we know what we should be doing? Let's hear from Jason Wojo, owner of , a...


 2021-05-18  32m