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Everyone has a story to tell, what's yours?


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episode 13: #013 - Kris Gruen, Singer Songwriter | Touring Europe and his ambitions (ENG)

We had an Interview with Kris Gruen, during touring in Europe, about his trip and of course, his ambitions and goals in life.


 2018-06-07  19m

episode 12: #012 - FM, Rock band UK | Dogs and kittens (ENG)

We had a nice interview with Steve Overland from the Rock Band FM, about dogs and kittens, and so much more.


 2018-06-07  23m

episode 11: #011 - Sirenia, gothic metal band Norway | album Seventh life path (ENG)

We had an interview with Morten Veland from the Gothic Metal band, about all those sirens in Norway. They were up to their seventh album, which is named "The Seventh Life Path".


 2018-06-07  23m

episode 10: #010 - Jaded Star, metal band | Female fronted bands (ENG)

We had an interview with the super enthousiastic Maxi Nil, singer for the Metal band Jaded Star. An inspirational interview, with a beautiful woman in the metal scene.


 2018-06-07  25m

episode 9: #009 - Methane, Thrash Metal Band | Tim Scott on ordinary questions (ENG)

We had an interview with Tim Scott from the Thrash Metal band Methane, from Sweden. Unordinary questions, for a unique interview.


 2018-06-07  17m

episode 8: #008 - Heidevolk, Folk Metal band | Past, Future and Graspop (ENG)

We had an interview with Rowan from the Folk Metal band Heidevolk, about their past and future, and their upcoming performance on Graspop.


 2018-05-15  21m

episode 7: #007 - Maja from Forever Still, Rockband | New EP and Invasion Europe (ENG)

We had a chat with Maja from Forever Still about her passion for music, about the new EP, and having Europe at their feet.


 2018-05-15  22m

episode 6: #006 - Jane Badler, actress - singer - producer | Serie V, Daisy Winters and benchwatching (ENG)

Jane Badler, the woman behind Diana from the series V, rocked everyone's world in the eighties, but what has she been doing since then? Multitasking, first class!


 2017-11-09  38m

episode 5: #005 - KiVo Music, Singer Songwriter | music and Humanity (ENG)

Kristen, also known as KiVo, talking about her passion for music, but also about humanity in general. And perhaps some unicorns.


 2017-11-02  33m

episode 4: #004 - Juliane Block, filmmaker | Indie film 3 Lives and Crowdfunding (ENG)

Juliane Block is a German filmmaker, working on several film projects. We talk about the indie film 3 Lives, and how a filmmaker's life looks like.


 2017-10-20  31m