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episode 18: #018 - Hans York, Dallas | Singer songwriter broadening his perspectives (ENG)

Project Daybreak broadened its perspectives and state of mind, in this exclusive interview with acoustic singer songwriter Hans York, from Dallas.


 2018-06-10  30m

episode 17: #017 - Thomas Youngblood, Kamelot | Power Metal and new album Haven (ENG)

We had an interview with Thomas Youngblood from the power metal band Kamelot from the States. They've just released a new album called "Haven".


 2018-06-10  19m

episode 16: #016 - Herman Li, Dragonforce | First underwater guitar solo (ENG)

We did an interview with Herman Li from the Heavy metal band DragonForce. Talking about his personal record of first underwater guitar solo, and much more.


 2018-06-10  23m

episode 15: #015 - Kevin Estrella, instrumental rock | Satriani of the North (ENG)

We did an interview with Kevin Estrella from Pyramids on Mars, talking about his passions and why he is called the Satriani of the North.


 2018-06-10  28m

episode 14: #014 - Clay Snyder, Singer Songwriter | The spirits of Hawaii (ENG)

Clay Snyder, a young singer songwriter, that grew up on Hawaii, with the spirits of the perfect place on earth. Find out more about his passion and ambition.


 2018-06-10  24m

episode 13: #013 - Kris Gruen, Singer Songwriter | Touring Europe and his ambitions (ENG)

We had an Interview with Kris Gruen, during touring in Europe, about his trip and of course, his ambitions and goals in life.


 2018-06-07  19m

episode 12: #012 - FM, Rock band UK | Dogs and kittens (ENG)

We had a nice interview with Steve Overland from the Rock Band FM, about dogs and kittens, and so much more.


 2018-06-07  23m

episode 11: #011 - Sirenia, gothic metal band Norway | album Seventh life path (ENG)

We had an interview with Morten Veland from the Gothic Metal band, about all those sirens in Norway. They were up to their seventh album, which is named "The Seventh Life Path".


 2018-06-07  23m

episode 10: #010 - Jaded Star, metal band | Female fronted bands (ENG)

We had an interview with the super enthousiastic Maxi Nil, singer for the Metal band Jaded Star. An inspirational interview, with a beautiful woman in the metal scene.


 2018-06-07  25m

episode 9: #009 - Methane, Thrash Metal Band | Tim Scott on ordinary questions (ENG)

We had an interview with Tim Scott from the Thrash Metal band Methane, from Sweden. Unordinary questions, for a unique interview.


 2018-06-07  17m