What's Your Why?

What’s Your Why? is a powerful way to learn about Wyoming people, Wyoming issues and just great stories we have the opportunity to capture – people’s stories who live in Wyoming and people who visit. We bring these stories to you. And we hope it inspires and ignites the question in all of us. What’s your why? ThinkWY | Wyoming Humanities podcasts are created to capture the stories in and outside of Wyoming to share ideas, perspectives, and insights about the human experience.


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Robert Martinez: Turning A Paintbrush Into a Microphone

Robert Martinez was born in Wyoming on the Wind River Reservation in the small city of Riverton. His lineage is Spanish, Mexican, Scotts Irish, French Canadian, and Northern Arapaho. He graduated Riverton High School at 17 at age 19, he became the...


 2021-10-14  26m

Robbie Bonds: 2021 Murie Spirit of Conservation Rising Leader

At 9 years old, Robbie heard about the prospect of closing or limiting access to our national parks, and wanted to be sure his and other kids' concerns were heard. He started speaking out, and subsequently founded the organization , which has...


 2021-09-30  21m

Darla Worden: Ernest Hemingway in Wyoming

is editor in chief of Mountain Living magazine and founder/director of the Left Bank Writers Retreat in Paris. A Wyoming native and life-long Ernest Hemingway fan, Worden discovered that the author spent summers from 1928 to 1939 in her home...


 2021-09-24  26m

Senator Doug Jones: Justice Delayed, But Not Denied

 “I am a product and lifelong resident of Alabama. I was born in Fairfield, Alabama to a father who worked for U.S. Steel and a stay-at-home mom. One of my grandfathers was a steelworker and the other a coal miner. I, too, spent some time...


 2021-09-01  21m

Jerry Enzler: Author & Historian of Jim Bridger: Trailblazer of the American West

Jerry Enzler might just be the best living expert on the famous mountain man, Jim Bridger, and his exploits as a trapper and explorer. Today, we become experts of the expert, as Jerry takes us through his early life and onward to the eventual...


 2021-08-12  31m

Tom Rea: Discovering Poetry, Printing, and History

Tom Rea lives in Casper, Wyo., where he is editor and co-founder, with the Wyoming State Historical Society, of , a state-history website that is a project of the Wyoming State Historical Society. He worked for many years in the newspaper...


 2021-07-22  29m

Anne MacKinnon: Water & Water Law is Ultimately About People

Water-law scholar Anne MacKinnon has paid Whats Your Why a little visit in-between a series of discussions about public waters. Living in Casper, She is a former editor-in-chief of the Casper Star-Tribune and served from 2003 through 2010 on the...


 2021-07-07  35m

Ashleigh Snoozy & Kristen Czaban: Furthering The Power Of Community

Ashleigh and Kristen recently joined us to outline their stories and research with the Sheridan Press and their most recent project spotlighting humanity in our own communities. Their natural repartee is perfect for a podcast environment highlighting...


 2021-06-03  23m

Kathryn Palmer & Margaret Austin: Discovering The Election Process

"Some Cheyenne residents of color say they don't feel heard by largely white leadership in local government and schools. This lack of representation makes it easier for leaders to, even unintentionally, overlook the issues that affect them, they say....


 2021-05-20  27m

Dustin Bleizeffer: Choices and Challenges of Wyoming Youth

Dustin Bleizeffer has worked as a coal miner, an oilfield mechanic, and for 20 years as a statewide reporter and editor primarily covering the energy industry in Wyoming. Most recently he was Communications Director at the Wyoming Outdoor Council, a...


 2021-05-18  38m