Drag Her! A RuPaul's Drag Race Podcast

Comedians and self-proclaimed Drag Race historians Mano Agapion and Nicole Byer (along with special guests) watch and review each episode of the highly anticipate Drag Race UK series, providing biting commentary, wild hot takes and deranged observations about the queens, the lip syncs, and each other.For all the tea on previous seasons of Drag Race, take a look at our past episodes.


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episode 4: UK S1E3: Scrubbers Takin' the Piss (w/ Oscar Montoya)

Cheerio skags! Oscar Montoya (UCB Drag Race, CollegeHumor) joins Mano to discuss their controversial opinions on Scaredy Kat, Vinegar's hot, hot, boiling, scalding mess of an outfit, early predictions for who's taking the crown, and their love for the new UnTucked format. Plus, we introduce a new segment: Clock the Quote! Oscar and Mano quiz each other on deep Drag Race quotes. Los Angeles - Check out Mano and Oscar at UCB Drag Race Nov 1st...



episode 3: UK S1E2: Snog Me Unders, Mr. Powers (w/ Betsy Sodaro)

Gag me with a crumpet, ya trollop! That's right, we're reviewing episode 2 of RPDR UK. Betsy joins Mano to scream about Downton Draggy, sickening Bond girl fits n' fashion, and what they would do if they won the digital series prize. Plus, the British-themed runways they'd love to see, and Mano's real opinion on Ellen. And, who is drag for? Is it for the gay community, or for everyone? Mano shares his stance on it. Plus, Kirby Howell-Baptiste helps us decipher some UK slang...



episode 2: UK S1E1: Slag Off, Ya Tart! (w/ Nicole Byer)

Drag Race UK is here! Mano and Nicole discuss the queens they are rooting for, their favorite looks, and of course, all the tea. They also discuss gender-fuck drag, the British sense of humor, and the lack of digital blurring on RuPaul's hairline...



episode 1: Meeting the New UK Queens! (w/ Nicole Byer)

Care for a spot a tea, bitch!? Why!? Because the UK queens have been announced! Nicole Byer joins Mano to discuss drag, sex, and stupidity. Keeping an ancient tradition alive, they yell about where they peg and would PEG the new queens in the lineup. IT’S GOING TO BE A BLOODY RIOT, MAWMA! Watch the new season with us! Drag Race UK will be available to watch on WOW Presents Plus (http://www.wow-presents.com) every Thursday at noon, beginning Oct 3rd...



episode 12: All Stars S1-UNTUCKED E6: No Offense, But You Look Like A F%*king Clown (w/ Ryan Barton)

Get into the fantasy, darling! Mano and Ryan chat about Adore Delano, being totally Kawaii, and Ryan's drag persona: Bottomless Mimosa! OH YALL WANTED A TWIST, EH?! Well- then you will LOVE their review of this episode of UNTUCKED! Ryan and Mano discuss their top 3 favorite queens, a few little musical numbers and a fabulous DRAGGING in the titular segment: Drag Her! PLUS, a super gay gaggy dash of ANTM references that NO ONE ASKED FOR!!! AND- an almost too sad story of Mano's past as a bullied...



episode 11: All Stars S1E6: Eat Your F*%king Slop, You Dildo (w/ Drew Droege)

BAM!!! On this episode of All Stars the queens must attempt to find their funny bone in a stand-up challenge (okay), they get their own BURGER (less okay) and stay tuned for an exciting segment of A Star is Porn at the end (FABULOUS!) PLUS, they get really real about the unfair ways in which gay men co-opt Women of Color, get your library cards!!! Because reading is what?!?! A really important part of growing minds...


 2019-09-16  1h9m

episode 10: All Stars S1-UNTUCKED E5: Mano Almost F*@ked An RPDR Queen (w/ Nicole Byer)

What the GOOP! Nicole and Mano get UNTUCKED as they dive into the public's implicit bias with queens of color and Nicole's desire for more plus size queens in Drag Race. Need more gaggerini?! GOOD. They scream about bananas in their ass, that weird moment where Juju screamed 'fuck you' at Raven, and the gangs that were acting up in Mexico which definitely probably attacked Mystique's mom we think...


 2019-09-09  1h7m

episode 9: All Stars S1E5: You Shat On A Dick & That's Fine (w/ Nicole Byer)

Nicole and Mano get INTO IT and by it, we mean their sex stories, some Drag Race role-playing and a quick little musical number. You better believe they cross the line of good taste, mawma. As always the DRAMA is present and we're ready to spill the TEA on Shannel, not knowing eyeshadow, and how fucking stupid secrets are... PERIOD...


 2019-09-02  1h3m

episode 8: All Stars S1-UNTUCKED E4: Scary-Movie-Style Cum Blast (w/ Betsy Sedaro)

Betsy and Mano dive into this WILD Untucked episode, from the girl groups to a fun lil game of F*ck, Marry, Kill! They yell about The Osbournes, The Boom-Boom-Boom-Weyo girl, and Kady Z's unwillingness to have any fun. These two tackle every hilarious, dramatic, and over-the-top moment of this episode. Plus, some helpful dick-pig tips from Betsy's mom. We have relationship DRAMA, ideas for a drag boot camp (tm baby!) and so much more...


 2019-08-26  58m

episode 7: All Stars S1E4: Myrtle Beach Bottom (w/ Elliot Glazer)

Comedian and actor Elliot Glazer joins Mano to talk about all the drama as we get closer and closer to crowning our first All Star (7 years ago) ... Scream along with us as we gag over the fact that we have already seen six too many cheerleading challenges on RPDR! In the main challenge, the girls are tasked with creating a girl group and repackaging old Ru song...


 2019-08-19  54m