What You Fight For

The Mouse Guard RPG live play podcast. Join the adventures of a group of tenderpaws in the Mouse Guard as they learn about themselves and the powers at play across the Mouse Territories. Listen in as they learn exactly what it is they’re fighting for.


Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 53m. Bisher sind 80 Folge(n) erschienen. Alle zwei Wochen gibt es eine neue Folge dieses Podcasts.

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S02 E34 My Only Friend, The End

80 episodes, 100ish hours of total mouse-scale and spooky adventures, it's time to bring things to a close! A pre-cap of what was to come, and an entire episode of nobody nerfing themselves with a trait. #MouseGuard #WYFFCast


 2021-05-09  1h35m

S02 E33 Fiasco Pt. 1

Time for our spoopy Halloween episodes! This year we're playing @bullypulpit_hq 's Fiasco, a new card-based version of their game that I call 'make your own Coen Bros. Movie"! Plot generation and madness at Muscle Logic are up first! #Fiasco #WYFFCast


 2020-12-05  56m

S02 E32 Brand New Day Pt. 4

First mouse vs mouse combat in 80ish episodes? In easily the most dangerous fight Trout Patrol has ever faced. The hawk and fox did less damage than this. Anyway, if they survive they're in SO MUCH TROUBLE back at lockhaven. #WYFFCast @MouseGuard #TTRPG


 2020-11-05  39m

S02 E31 Brand New Day Pt. 3

The mousey 5 leave Lockhaven in the worst seat in the cart. Mysteriously named or aged Joels, and more clues about a friend's past await them! #MouseGuard #WYFFCast


 2020-10-03  54m

S02 E30 Brand New Day Pt. 2

Trout Patrol's first mission under new leadership: Disobey direct orders! The team wants to help out their friend, but they've been told it's too dangerous to leave Lockhaven. Can they sneak out...and stay safe? #WYFFCast #MouseGuard


 2020-08-22  1h2m

S02 E29 Brand New Day Pt. 1

Trout Patrol has a new look, and finally some time to rest at Lockhaven. Nothing is ever that simple, as personnel shakeups around the guard bring a load of new interactions. A familiar face returns, and Cathal gets lost. #WYFFCast #MouseGuard


 2020-07-31  51m

S02 E28 Free Birds Pt. 8

DANGER! Explosions?! Trout Patrol is in the thick of things now, and they need to save the entire local forest. What will sacrifices be made, as by the end of this episode, Trout Patrol will be down one member -- Forever?! #MouseGuard #WYFFCast


 2020-07-10  52m

S02 E27 Free Birds Pt. 7

It's the final platform! Will Trout Patrol find what they've been looking for? Is the mystery of the Eggs finally solved? Nobody will be allowed entry once the final 5 minutes begin of this thrilling episode! #MouseGuard #WYFFCast


 2020-06-19  54m

S02 E26 Free Birds Pt. 6

After one heck of a Player Turn, Trout Patol needs to recover and investigate the the final 'wagon'! Deep investigations into the forest turn up something that has been under their noses for a year or more! #MouseGuard #WYFFCast


 2020-05-21  1h1m

S02 E25 Free Birds Pt. 5

Whistle pig invasion handled, Trout Patrol has a few minutes to breathe. Repairs, recovery and really well worded requests from Cledwyn cover this exciting player turn, with probably more checks than all previous ones combined! #MouseGuard #WYFFCast


 2020-04-15  1h1m