What You Fight For

The Mouse Guard RPG live play podcast. Join the adventures of a group of tenderpaws in the Mouse Guard as they learn about themselves and the powers at play across the Mouse Territories. Listen in as they learn exactly what it is they’re fighting for.


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S02 E24 Free Birds Pt. 4

Whistlepigs invade! Can craft breweries survive this unrelenting wave of native fauna? What do the whistlepigs want?! Is there some bigger sinister force controlling them? While the brew industry survive in Shaleburrow? #MouseGuard #WYFFCast



S02 E23 Free Birds Pt. 3

Our intrepid mice may have a lead on what these "wagons" are, but there's more to investigate. Before they can get to that there seems to be some kind of underground brewing emergency?!


 2020-02-27  56m

S02 E22 Free Birds Pt. 2

We've survived sky travel, not onto finding these wagons. And...what are wagons exactly? Investigations into weird construction orders may break this whole case wide open! #MouseGuard #WYFFCast


 2020-02-12  56m

S02 E21 Free Birds Pt. 1

Wagons it is! Our brave mice need to investigate part of this mystery, and they need to do it fast. Hare's aren't even fast enough for this, Trout Patrol has to take the Shinkansen! (Or the mouse-scale equivalent) #WYFFCast #MouseGuard


 2020-01-31  50m

S02 E20 Up Up and Away Pt 7

Eggs? Traitors? Self-Improvement? Trout Patrol wraps up things at Lockhaven while bigger mysterious brew all around them. Plus, stick around after the credits for some Cheese Chat! #MouseGuard #WYFFCast


 2019-12-12  1h5m

S02 E19 Up Up and Away Pt 6

Trout Patrol heads back with the new information and new friend(?) in tow. Now what do they do? And what secrets will they find at Lockhaven in abandoned offices?! #MouseGuard #WYFFCast


 2019-11-27  1h5m

S02 E18 Up Up and Away Pt 5

A new member joins(?) the team? But what to do about them? And what's the meaning of all the mysteries found in the nest? This is gonna be tough to explain back home! #MouseGuard #WYFFCast


 2019-11-15  55m

S02 E17 Up Up and Away Pt 4

Back to mouse adventure, where were we? Oh yeah, there's something big going on in the trees above Grasslake! Secrets, intrigue, and a character's return you won't want to miss! #MouseGuard #WYFFCast


 2019-11-02  51m

S02 E16 Tales From the Loop Pt 3

Our final Halloween episode! Wrapping up @FriaLigan 's Tales From The Loop, RPG based on the amazing art by @simonstalenhag ! Those bad birds are up to something, but what? Will the mystery be solved? #TalesFromTheLoop #WYFFCast


 2019-10-17  31m

S02 E14 Tales From the Loop Pt 2

More Halloween episodes! Continuing @FriaLigan 's Tales From The Loop, an RPG based on the amazing art by @simonstalenhag ! The bird mystery deepens, but can the kids figure out what's going on before it gets serious?! #TalesFromTheLoop #WYFFCast


 2019-10-03  57m