Whats Happening With The NewMan

A comedic Lifestyle podcast with everything the NewMan is up to from gardening, cooking, being a stay at home dad, farming, living off the land, sports and pretty much anything the Newman can think of. oh who am i kidding its rambling of a lunatic


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Whats Happening With The NewMan - Ep 25

The NewMan is back for a quick podcast to celebrate getting faster internet and having a new kid that's right a baby goat. I have made ...


 2016-08-24  18m

Why Did You Go To Sesame Street - By Loak Newman

Loak decided to sing a heavy metal song about why do you go to sesame street. I remixed it up with the some music so ...


 2016-08-23  2m

Whats Happening With The NewMan - Captains Log

Here is the captains log from when i was parenting solo for 4 days, just a few audio snippets from through out the days and ...


 2016-08-22  14m

Whats Happening With The NewMan - Ep 24

The NewMan chats about being the sole carer for the children for the past 2 days, the Olympics, whats happening in the veggie patch, UFC ...


 2016-08-22  27m

Whats Happening With The NewMan - Ep 23

join the NewMan for a short and sweet podcast chatting about the olympics, solo parenting for the week and a quick peek at what he ...


 2016-08-15  16m

Whats Happening With The NewMan Ep 22 - A guide to new borns

In light of a few of my best friends about to become parents for the first time, I decided to do a podcast, not to ...


 2016-08-09  37m

Whats Happening With The NewMan - Ep 21

As i drive around town what better to do than a podcast thats right another podcast, join me the NewMan as i discuss such wonderful ...


 2016-08-08  38m

Whats Happening With The NewMan Ep 20 - The Whole Shabang

The NewMan brings out the whole shebang in ep 20 with guest interview from Wifey chatting about all things teaching and taking the step to ...


 2016-08-02  49m

Whats Happening With The NewMan - Ep19

Join the NewMan as he chats about children with a new lil segment called "the sweetest thing" the doctor results, basketball and much much more.


 2016-07-27  25m

Whats Happening With The NewMan - Ep18

SSSSSccccchhhhoooooooooooolllllllssssss back, whoop whoop by listening to the podcast it sounds like I need to go back to school and learn how to talk. On this ...


 2016-07-26  23m