Wheel Suckers Podcast

Hop on board our tandem pod: It's Captain Alex and Jenni the Stoker! Join us as we navigate the wild and wonderful world of wheels. Comin atcha from London Bike Kitchen's DIY Bike Workshop, we're here to pull back the curtain on the industry and showcase a glorious smorgasbord of hidden cycling delights. Coz cycling's not just for roadies...or MAMILS...or Freds...plum smugglers...lycra louts..... ~ Work handles ~ London Bike Kitchen www.lbk.org.uk/ ~ Our personal handles ~ Alex Davis twitter.com/Singyamatokun Jenni Gwiazdowski twitter.com/money_melon ~ Illustration ~ Korinna Mei Veropoulou https://korinnamei.myportfolio.com/ See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


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Save The Rim Brake - Maintenance Minisode

Do you trust your brakes? The poor, neglected rim brake deserves your full attention - ignore at your peril! Listen to Jenni and Alex for a full "brake" down on how to care for your rim brakes. #savetherimbrake

Wanna get motivated for regular maintenance? Join London Bike Kitchen's Hex Club! Hex Club is an online weekly fix-a-long, where we tackle maintenance as a team...



Cycling for All with Isabelle Clement

Keepin' the Wheels for Wellbeing turnin'!


 2021-09-19  53m

Constant speed and long distances with Vedangi Kulkarni

In 2018 Vedangi Kulkarni was the youngest woman to attempt circumnavigating the globe by bicycle. We discuss confidence, visas and cycling adventures.GuestVedangi Kulkarni https://www.vedangikulkarni.com/“Wheels and words”https://www.instagram.c...


 2021-06-07  43m

Ciclovía! Open the streets and cycle with your cat with Tiffany Lam

We talk to our first three-peat guest, discussing intersectionality and gender in cycling with Tiffany Lam.Guest: Tiffany Lamhttps://tiffanylam.me/https://twitter.com/tiffany_francesListen to previous interviews with Tiffany:The Right to the c...


 2021-05-20  52m

Sacrificial Chain - Maintenance Minisode

Maintain your bike and your bike will maintain you. Absorb essential bicycle maintenance advice thanks to your Captain Jenni, Director of the London Bike Kitchen.Watch how to take your chain off thanks to the LBK Online Class membership: https://lbk.o...


 2021-04-29  30m

The Custom Service with Judith Rooze

We chat beer bikes, Eurostar hacks and wheel building with Judith Rooze from Stayer Cycles: https://www.stayercycles.comThey’re hiring at the moment: http://www.stayercycles.com/jobs-wwwRecorded via Clean Feed: https://cleanfeed.net/Edite...


 2021-04-14  1h10m

Wheel Sucking is back! Pandemic Podcast Edition

Listen to Captain Alex and Jenni the Stoker catch up after *checks notes* one year *gulp*. It's the Return of the Wheel Suckers: Pandemic Podcast Edition.We'll update you on what we've been up to the and future of the show. Expect inter...


 2021-03-31  54m

Leaving the tarmac behind with Katherine Moore

We’re in the studio *recorded before the lockdown* interviewing gravel nerd, back-packer and off road cyclist Katherine Moore.Recorded at Wardour Studios http://wardourstudios.co.uk/~ Guest ~ Katherine Moorek...


 2020-05-13  52m

Lube-y Dube-y Do - Maintenance Minisode

Maintain your bike and your bike will maintain you. Absorb essential bicycle maintenance advice thanks to your Captain Jenni, Director of the London Bike Kitchen.Today's topic: Lubrication!Recorded at Wardour Studios www.wardourstud...


 2020-04-15  14m

The right to the city with Tiffany Lam

Back at it again! We discuss intersectional feminism, the problem with autonomous cars and owning the city with Tiffany Lam. ~ Guest ~ Tiffany Lam https://www.tiffanyflam.comListen to our previous interview! https://play.acast.co...


 2020-03-12  50m